California Uninsured In A Changing Environment

Sandra Lopez
Newport Beach, Calif., 41 years old

Small Business Owner Enters The Insurance Marketplace
July 15, 2014 -- Sandra Lopez, 41, owns a popular Mexican restaurant in Newport Beach, Calif. She has to make decisions about health insurance coverage for her family and her business under the Affordable Care Act.

Teresa Martinez
East Los Angeles, Calif., 62 years old

Waiting For Medi-Cal To Kick In
April 21, 2014 -- About 800,000 people in California are presumed to be eligible for the newly expanded program but lack final approval. For a Los Angeles hairdresser and others like her, that means medical appointments are on hold.

Carlos Velazquez
Compton, Calif., 31 years old

Thousands Of Young California Immigrants Eligible For Coverage -- Though Often They Don't Know It
March 17, 2014 -- State is one of a few nationally to offer insurance to low-income youths whose parents crossed the border illegally or overstayed visas.

Marcy Valenzuela
El Monte, Calif., 25 years old

When Your Parent Is The State, It's Tough For Young Adults To Stay Insured
February 3, 2014 -- Many former foster kids are entitled to Medicaid coverage until they turn 26 but eligibility workers − and they themselves -- may not know it.

Brad Stevens
Lakeport, Calif., 54 years old

A Former 'Young Invincible' Looks Forward to Health Insurance
October 3, 2013 -- Brad Stevens, 54, learned the hard way that being uninsured was risky as accidents and illness took a toll. Soon, he'll qualify for California's expanded Medicaid program.

  • Former Young Invincible Becomes Less So (March 31, 2014)

  • Pardit Pri
    Orange County, Calif., 29 years old

    Back To Work After A Baby -- But Without Insurance This Time
    October 3, 2013 -- Pardit Pri, 29, is among the 5 million uninsured people in California. Insurance would give her peace of mind, but she worries whether she can afford it.