Women's Health

    • Wis. Lawmakers Poised To OK Bill That Will Require Ultrasound Before Abortion

      Elsewhere, New York lawmakers consider nurse-patient staffing ratios, and North Carolina grapples with AIDS care and Medicaid funding.

      (Daily Report) Jun 12, 2013

    • Questions Emerge As Dust Settles Surrounding Plan B Policy Change

      News outlets offer day-after coverage of the Obama administration's reversal on the morning-after contraceptive pill.

      (Daily Report) Jun 12, 2013

    • First Edition: June 12, 2013

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about how the health law's implementation played in a recent town hall meeting as well as the action taken by one business in anticipation of its some of the requirements that will take effect in 2014.

      (Daily Report) Jun 12, 2013

    • Obama Administration Changes Course On Plan B

      Monday afternoon, the Justice Department announced it would accept recent court rulings and begin putting into effect a judge's order to have the Food and Drug Administration certify the Plan B pill for use without prescription and without age restrictions on sales.

      (Daily Report) Jun 11, 2013

    • Insider Probe Over Medicare Rate Decision Hits Congress

      News outlets report on developments in the story of alleged insider trading after a Medicare rate decision.

      (Daily Report) Jun 11, 2013

    • First Edition: June 11, 2013

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including coverage of the Obama administration's decision to drop the fight to keep age restrictions in place for Plan B emergency contraceptive pill sales.

      (Daily Report) Jun 11, 2013

    • State Highlights: Ore. Schools Face Insurance Exchange Choice

      A selection of health policy stories from Wisconsin, Oregon, Arizona, New York, Minnesota and California.

      (Daily Report) Jun 07, 2013

    • Dems' Senate Filibuster Rule Revamp Tempered By Abortion Vote Fears

      Some supporters of abortion rights fear that any current changes could be used sometime in the future to restrict the option for women. Meanwhile, an appeals court rules that some morning-after pills should be available over the counter immediately.

      (Daily Report) Jun 06, 2013

    • Wis., Pa., Ariz. Lawmakers Seek Further Abortion Regulation

      Add lawmakers in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona to the long list of states seeking to further restrict and regulate the availability of abortions.

      (Daily Report) Jun 06, 2013

    • First Edition: June 6, 2013

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including a report about a new poll showing public uneasiness is increasing in regard to the health law. At the same time, the White House is stepping up its efforts encourage people to enroll in the health coverage the will be available as a result of the overhaul.

      (Daily Report) Jun 06, 2013