• Thirteen Single-Payer Activists Settle Their Cases After Disrupting Hearing

      Thirteen people charged with "disruption of Congress" for standing and shouting pro-single-payer system slogans during a health care reform committee hearing settled their cases, The Great Falls (Mont.) Tribune reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 08, 2009

    • Michigan Legislature Considering Insurance Reform Bills

      "There's support in Michigan's Legislature for eliminating insurance practices that deny coverage and charge high rates for people with chronic health problems. But the Michigan reforms face a tight timetable as lawmakers focus on the state's worsening budget crisis," The Detroit Free Press reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 07, 2009

    • Alzheimer's Patients Fight For Quicker Medicare Coverage

      NPR reports on the struggle of Alzheimer's patients who don't have health insurance trying to find ways to pay for their care and lobby for greater protections for themselves.

      (Daily Report) Jul 07, 2009

    • Need For Federal Insurance Czar Is Questioned

      "Health care overhaul legislation from President Barack Obama's congressional allies would create a federal insurance czar with sweeping new powers to oversee medical plans nationwide, an idea already drawing fierce criticism," The Associated Press reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 07, 2009

    • $40 Million Made Available For Children's Health Care Enrollment Efforts

      Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced today that states and local organizations can apply for $40 million worth of outreach grants "to enroll more eligible children in health-insurance programs," according to the Wall Street Journal.

      (Daily Report) Jul 06, 2009

    • Minnesota Clinics Serving Many More Thanks To Stimulus Dollars

      As Minnesota braces for some cuts to public health programs, the state's network of community health centers is being buoyed by money from the federal stimulus that will expand coverage to the un- and underinsured in that state, The Minnesota Post reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 06, 2009

    • Advocates Are Back With Real Health Care Stories

      Thousands of people are "now telling their stories on videos, ads and Web sites on both sides of the health care debate," The Associated Press reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 06, 2009

    • Private Health Insurance Coverage At 50-Year-Low, According to CDC

      The percentage of Americans with private health insurance is at its lowest level in 50 years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.

      (Daily Report) Jul 02, 2009

    • State Medicaid Coverage, Costs Grow In Maryland, Mississippi

      "A year into a new effort to expand health coverage, recession-weary Marylanders are flocking to the state's Medicaid program in numbers far greater than expected, costing the state $50 million more in the process," The Baltimore Sun reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 02, 2009

    • Medicaid: True Or False?

      Medicaid is front and center in the debate on overhauling the U.S health system and expanding coverage to the uninsured. With 60 million enrollees, Medicaid dwarfs other insurance programs, including its cousin, Medicare, which covers 44 million elderly and disabled people. Here's a chance to test your knowledge of Medicaid.

      (Story) Jul 01, 2009