• A Selection Of Opinions And Editorials

      A Selection Of Opinions And Editorials

      (Daily Report) Jun 04, 2009

    • Florida Moves To Increase Health Insurance For Children

      An estimated 50,000 additional uninsured children may receive medical coverage from legislation that Gov. Charlie Crist signed Tuesday.

      (Daily Report) Jun 04, 2009

    • Baucus: Obama Open To Taxing Health Benefits To Pay For Health Reform

      On the same day President Obama expressed again the urgent need for health care reform, he also met with two dozen Senate Democrats and suggested that he is open to considering taxing employer-provided health benefits to pay for health care reform, The Washington Post reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 03, 2009

    • Souring Economy Spurs A Surge At Free Clinics

      Free clinics throughout the Washington area report a surge in patients, a trend that is "expected to continue in the worsening economy," The Washington Post reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 03, 2009

    • Expanding Health Insurance Options For Young Adults

      Young adults in Pennsylvania and Illinois will have more health insurance options due to recent legislation.

      (Daily Report) Jun 02, 2009

    • Some Doctors Cut Deals With Struggling Patients

      Doctors across the country are reducing their charges and offering payment plans to patients who have lost health insurance or income. This helps people stay well, but it also helps doctors maintain their practices at a time when many financially struggling Americans are deferring care. Patients who don't pay their bills still run the risk of hearing from bill collectors.

      (Story) Jun 02, 2009

    • This Time Around, Debate Much Different

      Insurance companies, the "the industry that gets credit for helping to kill the Clinton administration’s health care overhaul 15 years ago," is now "striking a conciliatory tone as it faces the most serious attempt to overhaul the system since that effort collapsed," CQ reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 01, 2009

    • Why Higher Taxes Will Improve Your Health

      Already, you can hear the opponents of health care reform making a familiar argument: It will mean huge new taxes. Although they're exaggerating--the tax hikes wouldn’t be “huge”--you should be willing to pay these new taxes. Happily.

      (Column) Jun 01, 2009

    • Connecticut Senate Passes Health Care Pooling, Universal Coverage Bills

      Connecticut senators on Saturday passed two health care bills that would both allow municipalities and small businesses to join the state employee health care pool and take a step toward universal health for all Connecticut residents, The Hartford Courant reports.

      (Daily Report) May 31, 2009

    • Message From Massachusetts: Insurance Requirement Can Provoke Anger

      If Congress wants all Americans to get health insurance, it will have to win over people like Gary Cloutier, owner of Cloots Auto Body Shop in Westfield, Mass. He says he just can't afford it.

      (Story) May 31, 2009