• Why Higher Taxes Will Improve Your Health

      Already, you can hear the opponents of health care reform making a familiar argument: It will mean huge new taxes. Although they're exaggerating--the tax hikes wouldn’t be “huge”--you should be willing to pay these new taxes. Happily.

      (Column) Jun 01, 2009

    • Connecticut Senate Passes Health Care Pooling, Universal Coverage Bills

      Connecticut senators on Saturday passed two health care bills that would both allow municipalities and small businesses to join the state employee health care pool and take a step toward universal health for all Connecticut residents, The Hartford Courant reports.

      (Daily Report) May 31, 2009

    • Message From Massachusetts: Insurance Requirement Can Provoke Anger

      If Congress wants all Americans to get health insurance, it will have to win over people like Gary Cloutier, owner of Cloots Auto Body Shop in Westfield, Mass. He says he just can't afford it.

      (Story) May 31, 2009

    • Examining The Experiences of Massachusetts

      Massachusetts' 1997 health care law has become a laboratory for possible approaches to a national health care overhaul plan.

      (Daily Report) May 31, 2009

    • Texas CHIP Bill Couldn't Be Revived

      The Houston Chronicle reported that Texas lawmakers couldn’t save a bill that would have expanded the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

      (Daily Report) May 29, 2009

    • In Bad Economy, U.S. Counties Join Rx Discount Plan

      The AP/BusinessWeek reports that “as the recession continues and jobless ranks swell, more U.S. counties are joining a prescription drug discount program that has saved uninsured and underinsured residents $179 million on medications since 2005, the National Association of Counties says.”

      (Daily Report) May 29, 2009

    • Recession Leaves Many Children Uninsured

      CBS News reports on the many families losing health insurance as part of the series “Children of the Recession.”

      (Daily Report) May 29, 2009

    • NEJM Offers Perspectives on Public Plan

      Three perspective pieces in the New England Journal of Medicine explore the merits and pitfalls surrounding a public health insurance plan or “public plan” for Americans under 65 who lack employment-base coverage that would compete with regulated private plans.

      (Daily Report) May 28, 2009

    • Texas Senate Votes To Boost CHIP Enrollment By Allowing Higher Income Families

      The Texas Senate voted late Wednesday to allow families of four making up to $66,000 to get into the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program by paying a share of the cost, The Associated Press reports.

      (Daily Report) May 28, 2009

    • Study: Insured Paying Higher 'Hidden Tax' For Uninsured Health Care

      The average insured family pays an extra $1017 in premiums each year to cover the cost of health care for the uninsured, according to a new study from Families USA, Reuters reports.

      (Daily Report) May 28, 2009