• State Medicaid Coverage, Costs Grow In Maryland, Mississippi

      "A year into a new effort to expand health coverage, recession-weary Marylanders are flocking to the state's Medicaid program in numbers far greater than expected, costing the state $50 million more in the process," The Baltimore Sun reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 02, 2009

    • Medicaid: True Or False?

      Medicaid is front and center in the debate on overhauling the U.S health system and expanding coverage to the uninsured. With 60 million enrollees, Medicaid dwarfs other insurance programs, including its cousin, Medicare, which covers 44 million elderly and disabled people. Here's a chance to test your knowledge of Medicaid.

      (Story) Jul 01, 2009

    • Health Centers Get $850 million For Infrastructure Improvements

      First Lady Michelle Obama visited a Washington, D.C. community health center Monday afternoon to announce the release of $851 million for the expansion and rehabilitation of clinics around the country, The New York Times reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 30, 2009

    • Today's Selection Of Opinions And Editorials

      Today's Selection Of Opinions and Editorials

      (Daily Report) Jun 29, 2009

    • Ohio May Face Medicaid Cuts And A Loss Of Coverage For Diabetics

      In Ohio, a nursing home coalition warns of “life-threatening health risks” if Medicaid reimbursements are cut under Gov. Ted Strickland’s proposed budget plan while diabetes patients in the state are threatened by a lack of coverage.

      (Daily Report) Jun 26, 2009

    • U.S. Hospitals Feeling The Squeeze During Economic Recession

      Hospital CEOs say the recession is taking a toll on the hospital industry as "cash-strapped patients are skipping visits and under-compensated cases are increasing," Forbes reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 25, 2009

    • Counting Of Uninsured Americans A Difficult Task

      Estimates of the total number of uninsured Americans may be based on "faulty assumptions" that are "inflating the projections," The Wall Street Journal reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 24, 2009

    • Sources: Hospitals May Strike Deal To Save $200 Billion

      Hospitals could sign on to an agreement to help save up to $200 billion as part of the reform plan, sources tell Roll Call.

      (Daily Report) Jun 24, 2009

    • Can Health Coops Do the Job of a Public Plan?

      "Perhaps the clearest sign yet of the unpredictable nature of… an ambitious [health care] policy overhaul is the approach that is suddenly starting to emerge on Capitol Hill as an alternative to a public plan — non-profit, consumer run health insurance cooperatives," Time reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 22, 2009

    • Obama To Formally Announce Medicare Drug Cuts Today

      The pharmaceutical industry agreed Saturday to reduce Medicare drug costs as part of health overhaul in an apparent effort to stave off potentially more-burdensome givebacks under the Democrats' health-overhaul plan. Today, President Barack Obama will make a formal announcement about the deal.

      (Daily Report) Jun 22, 2009