• Small Business: The Hunt For Affordable Health Insurance

      "For entrepreneurs trying to start or run a business, the obstacles are huge. But few loom as large as one: health care," The Wall Street Journal reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 13, 2009

    • For Doctors In Congress, Little Harmony On Health Care

      "In the struggle to overhaul the nation’s health care system, 16 physicians ended up in ringside seats — as members of the House and Senate. But they have taken different lessons from their experiences in medicine, and they do not agree on what a bill should look like," the New York Times reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 13, 2009

    • Slumping Economy Hurts Health System, But Stimulus Provides Some Relief

      The receding economy has dragged down Michigan's health care system, "offering a preview of how a lingering recession could corrode Americans' hospitals, savings and health," the Wall Street Journal reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 13, 2009

    • Senate Weighs New Taxes To Fund Reform

      "Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) presented his members Thursday with more than a dozen ways to pay for health care legislation, ranging from new fees on industry to an income-tax hike on couples making more than $1 million a year," Politico reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 10, 2009

    • Many Washington State Hospitals Skimp on Required Charity Care

      "As the recession has cost more people their jobs and their health insurance, local hospitals have seen more patients show up with no way to pay," reports KUOW, a Washington State public radio station.

      (Daily Report) Jul 10, 2009

    • No Shriners Hospitals Closing; Some May Be Outpatient-Only

      "All 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children will stay open, but some eventually might become outpatient-only surgery facilities, the system that offers free specialty pediatric care said Thursday," CNN reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 10, 2009

    • Health Care Overhaul Ignores Illegal Immigrants

      "As Congress wrangles with overhauling the health care system, there is one population not being discussed. No proposal for a national health plan would cover the nation's estimated 11 million illegal immigrants," NPR reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 09, 2009

    • Thirteen Single-Payer Activists Settle Their Cases After Disrupting Hearing

      Thirteen people charged with "disruption of Congress" for standing and shouting pro-single-payer system slogans during a health care reform committee hearing settled their cases, The Great Falls (Mont.) Tribune reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 08, 2009

    • Michigan Legislature Considering Insurance Reform Bills

      "There's support in Michigan's Legislature for eliminating insurance practices that deny coverage and charge high rates for people with chronic health problems. But the Michigan reforms face a tight timetable as lawmakers focus on the state's worsening budget crisis," The Detroit Free Press reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 07, 2009

    • Alzheimer's Patients Fight For Quicker Medicare Coverage

      NPR reports on the struggle of Alzheimer's patients who don't have health insurance trying to find ways to pay for their care and lobby for greater protections for themselves.

      (Daily Report) Jul 07, 2009