• Some Seniors Could Be Cushioned From Proposed Cuts In Medicare Advantage Funding

      The Senate Finance Committee calls for cuts in private Medicare plans to help pay for health reform. Some senators on the panel, worried about the 10.5 million seniors in the plans – and the possible political consequences – cushioned the impact on some constituents, according to a KHN analysis.

      (Daily Report) Oct 22, 2009

    • Obama Adopting A More Partisan Tone On Health Care

      "In sharp contrast to how he got elected, President Barack Obama is bashing Republicans this week while urging Democrats to unite behind his effort to reform the nation’s healthcare system," The Hill reports.

      (Daily Report) Oct 22, 2009

    • Health Reform Changes Could Increase Costs To States

      Today's state news round-up includes the cost of health reform to New York, immigrants in California, a possible new mental health overhaul in Arizona and a delay in expanding a children's health program in Iowa.

      (Daily Report) Oct 22, 2009

    • Study: Massachusetts Health Reform Popular With Doctors, Doesn't Hold Costs Down

      Massachusetts doctors are supportive of the reform efforts in the state.

      (Daily Report) Oct 22, 2009

    • First Edition: October 22, 2009

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including yesterday's Senate vote on the medicare physician pay fix and a new report on how health reform proposals pending in the House would impact health care costs.

      (Daily Report) Oct 22, 2009

    • Dr. John Kitzhaber On Reforming Health Care

      As governor of Oregon, Dr. John Kitzhaber presided over a radical change in the state's health care system. Critics said it rationed care while supporters said it expanded health services to poor people. Today, Kitzhaber, running for governor again, has new ideas on how to fix the country's health care system.

      (Daily Report) Oct 21, 2009

    • Funding Cuts Continue To Plague State Health Programs

      State health agencies and Medicaid programs continue to take hits from spending cuts. A new program in Florida may be backfiring against some health workers with criminal records while a novel health benefits program in Houston hopes to lower the number of uninsured.

      (Daily Report) Oct 21, 2009

    • Massachusetts Seeks To Cut Increase In Small Business Health Care Costs

      Today's state news covers access to care issues in Florida and California, a new proposal to review premiums charged to small businesses, and the potential flaws of Ohio's nursing home payment plan.

      (Daily Report) Oct 20, 2009

    • West Virginia Nears Dental Crisis Over Stagnant Medicaid Payments

      West Virginia's Medicaid patients are nearing a crisis when it comes to access to dental care, West Virginia Public Broadcasting reports. Medicaid's reimbursement rates for dentistry haven't increased since 1991, and West Virginia cut rates in 1994 by 30 percent, causing fewer and fewer dentists to accept payment from the public program for the low-income.

      (Daily Report) Oct 19, 2009

    • DC 'Squanders' AIDS Money On Questionable Groups Despite Urgent Needs

      A Washington Post investigation has found that the city with the highest AIDS rate in the United States, Washington, D.C., has awarded millions of dollars to ineffective and perhaps fraudulent groups with little oversight.

      (Daily Report) Oct 19, 2009