• Analyzing The Health Law's 'Prognosis'

      As experts continue to parse the specifics of a federal Judge's Monday ruling striking down the health overhaul, experts speculate about what the Supreme Court could decide. Meanwhile, insurers, health industry stakeholders and even state officials mull their next steps.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2011

    • Study: Health Insurers Consolidate Market Power

      Meanwhile, Aetna mailed letters Tuesday to notify customers in Colorado that it will be exiting the individual market there.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2011

    • Blue Shield Of California Agrees To Postpone Rate Increase

      With this announcement, Blue Shield joins other large California insurers — Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna and PacifiCare — in agreeing to the delay.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2011

    • Health Law Ruling Draws Different State Reactions

      State officials are sorting a legal decision issued Monday by a federal judge in Florida overturning the health law. Their challenge is to determine how and whether to proceed with their implementation responsibilities. Some, like Florida's governor, appear to favor taking steps to stall its progress.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2011

    • Viewpoints: N.Y. Times Slams Vinson Ruling As WSJ, Wash Post Parse It; Violence In Hospitals; Bending Health Cost Curve

      A selection of opinions and editorials from around the country.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2011

    • Legal Decision Triggers Political Twists

      News outlets report on some of the political issues surrounding the individual mandate and Monday's legal decision striking down the health law.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2011

    • First Edition: February 2, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including more coverage of Monday's federal court ruling on the health law, with additional analysis about its impact and how stakeholders at the state level, in Congress and in the business community are responding.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2011

    • Health On The Hill Transcript: With State Fiscal Pressures Mounting, Medicaid Battle Looms

      As state fiscal pressures mount, governors are asking Washington to allow them to reduce their Medicaid rolls, something that’s barred under the health care law. Democrats generally prefer to give the states more federal money to help with Medicaid costs, but House Republicans are unlikely to support that, citing deficit concerns.

      (Story) Feb 01, 2011

    • In-Depth Analysis Of Health Law Decision

      News outlets examine how constitutional issues, most notably the Commerce Clause, are central to the health law and its journey to the nation's highest court. Meanwhile, The Associated Press offers insights into Judge Vinson's own experiences with the health system.

      (Daily Report) Feb 01, 2011

    • What Happens Next: The Decision's Immediate Impact

      Even as it becomes increasingly clear that challenges to the health law are on a straight course for the Supreme Court, yesterday's lower court decision has muddied the waters around the overhaul — in terms of congressional action, political posturing and state-level implementation activities.

      (Daily Report) Feb 01, 2011