• First Edition: August 29, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including more coverage of GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry's thoughts on health policy and politics.

      (Daily Report) Aug 29, 2011

    • Massachusetts Unions Shape Compromise For State's Municipal Health Insurance Law

      A coaltion of Massachusetts public employee unions recognized that municipal health care costs were a problem and engaged with other stakeholders in the effort to develop a solution. In the end, nobody got they wanted and that's what a genuine compromise looks like.

      (Story) Aug 28, 2011

    • Different Takes: Mass. Cities And Towns, Public Employees Find Hard-Fought Compromise On Municipal Health Care Costs

      These local jurisdictions, in the face of serious budget constraints, have repeatedly pushed for legal relief that would enable them to decrease the burden of public employees' and retirees' health benefit costs. Meanwhile, public employee unions have battled to protect what they believe their members have earned through their collective bargaining rights. In this state-policy drama, key players managed to come to a compromise that neither side loves, but both view as a solution.

      (Story) Aug 28, 2011

    • Reasonable Reform Trumps In Massachusetts

      Earlier this summer, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signed a new law reforming the way that cities and towns design health insurance plans for their employees. As local governments across the country continue to confront the harsh political and fiscal issues of spiraling employee and retiree health costs, the story of how this law came to be is worth examining.

      (Story) Aug 28, 2011

    • States Experimenting With Medicaid Managed Care

      Some states are seeing managed care as a way to save money on their Medicaid programs.

      (Daily Report) Aug 28, 2011

    • Perry Takes On Romney's Massachusetts Health Reforms

      GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry criticized the Massachusetts health overhaul that became law while fellow candidate Mitt Romney was governor. Meanwhile, news outlets are fact-checking statements about related reform initiatives — such as Texas' tort reform law, and members of Congress appear to be taking a less-is-more approach to August town hall meetings.

      (Daily Report) Aug 26, 2011

    • Health Law Funding Creates Dilemma For GOP Governors

      Even as many Republican state executives oppose the health law, many are moving forward in creating state-run exchanges. Meanwhile, the availability of public health funding as a result of the law also is a politically challenging windfall.

      (Daily Report) Aug 26, 2011

    • State News: Virginia's Abortion Rules; Calif. Rate Regulation Bill

      News outlets report on a variety of state health policy issues.

      (Daily Report) Aug 26, 2011

    • States Put More Kids In CHIP, But Some Medicaid Programs Squeezed

      Thirty states increased the number of children under the program, Stateline reports. Also news outlets report that Medicaid advocates are urging federal officials to deny California's request to cut the program, and in Georgia, officials are looking for more funding.

      (Daily Report) Aug 26, 2011

    • Hospitals, Health Care Facilities Feeling Effects Of Economic Downturn

      New Atlanta jobs numbers show little change in health jobs, while several prominent hospitals report cutting the number of workers.

      (Daily Report) Aug 26, 2011