• After Rejection Of Increases, Conn. Premiums Set To Decrease

      Elsewhere, Missouri regulators have less authority to review insurance rates than other states do. And Massachusetts' health insurance premiums are set to rise.

      (Daily Report) Aug 18

    • State Highlights: Calif. Hospital Bid Draws Scrutiny; Hospital House Calls

      A selection of health policy stories from California, Pennsylvania, Washington and Minnesota.

      (Daily Report) Aug 18

    • First Edition: August 18, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including stories about the pervasive nature of Medicare fraud and the difficulties involved in fighting it.

      (Daily Report) Aug 18

    • With Health Law, ERs Still Packed

      Emergency-room visits have increased at many hospitals. A shortage of primary-care doctors is one reason.

      (Story) Aug 15

    • Health Law's Next Push: Maintaining Sign-Up Momentum

      The Huffington Post explores why the people who did not sign up for health coverage during the 2014 open enrollment period may be much harder to reach. News outlets also report on developments from Massachusetts regarding the state's online insurance marketplace.

      (Daily Report) Aug 15

    • Calif.'s Medicaid Expansion Renews Concerns About Doc Pay

      Some advocates fear that state efforts to cut payments to doctors and other providers will make it hard for new enrollees to get care. Also, committees in Texas and Idaho look at ways to expand care for low-income residents.

      (Daily Report) Aug 15

    • Fox News Poll Finds Slim Majority Continues To Oppose The Health Law

      According to Fox News, opposition among voters has been above 50 percent for more than a year. Meanwhile, Politico Pro takes a look at the congressional district of the new House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., where constituents who appear to be benefiting from new health law coverage are still supporting politicians like McCarthy, who want to repeal it. Also in the news, the overhaul and abortion issues come to light during a Colorado congressional campaign debate.

      (Daily Report) Aug 15

    • State Highlights: TB Outbreak In Alabama Prisons

      A selection of health policy stories from Alabama, California, Washington, Texas, Georgia and Minnesota.

      (Daily Report) Aug 15

    • First Edition: August 15, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including a variety of updates regarding health policy and the health care marketplace.

      (Daily Report) Aug 15

    • Texas Lawmakers Explore Market-Based Alternatives To Medicaid

      Meanwhile, the success of California's enrollment drive has created a new set of challenges -- how to provide high-quality health care to 11 million Medi-Cal beneficiaries while keeping costs down.

      (Daily Report) Aug 14