• New Medicaid Era Takes Different Paths In Mich., Wis.

      The neighboring states opt for different approaches to Medicaid expansion. Meanwhile, in Missouri, two Republican lawmakers clash over whether to accept the health law's expansion and the Pennsylvania governor says he is nearly ready to pull back his proposal that is languishing with federal officials.

      (Daily Report) Apr 03

    • Capsules: Why Some Don’t Pay Their Obamacare Premium: It’s Not What You Think

      Check out what's new on KHN's blog, Capsules.

      (Daily Report) Apr 03

    • First Edition: April 3, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports on how Paul Ryan's budget is playing on Capitol Hill as well as news that the Obama administration is releasing a trove of data on physician services and payments.

      (Daily Report) Apr 03

    • Politics Swirl Around The 7 Million Enrollment Figure

      There is some talk that this preliminary tally is a wake up call for Republicans and other health law critics who, just weeks ago, viewed the's troubles as proof the law could not work. Meanwhile, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, in an effort to move into the 2016 presidential mix, will offer a health law replacement plan, and some congressional Democrats continue to feel skittish.

      (Daily Report) Apr 02

    • Who Enrolled In Health Law Coverage And What Do They Bring To The Risk Pool?

      The final days of open enrollment were marked by a surge that helped the Obama administration clear a key milepost. But not yet known is what this population actually looks like. Were these people previously uninsured? Did young people sign up in big enough numbers? And will the insurance model actually work?

      (Daily Report) Apr 02

    • Fight Over Medicaid Expansion Intensifies In Virginia, Other States

      The battle for the future of Medicaid in Virginia is expected to heat up, with both sides of the divide paying close attention to a proposal to expand the program through the state budget.

      (Daily Report) Apr 02

    • Maryland Scraps Exchange Software, Will Buy Connecticut's System

      Now that the enrollment period has ended, the board that runs Maryland's troubled online insurance marketplace has opted to start over with a system that worked well in Connecticut.

      (Daily Report) Apr 02

    • State Highlights: Abortion Restrictions In Mississippi, Arizona

      And in Hawaii and Los Angeles, some advocacy groups are worrying about providing health insurance to migrant workers and undocumented workers.

      (Daily Report) Apr 02

    • First Edition: April 2, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including news and analysis about the 7 million insurance enrollment tally.

      (Daily Report) Apr 02

    • Enrollment Dramas Ripple Through The States

      As the health overhaul's first open enrollment period drew to a close, states experienced triumphs as well as tribulations -- whether they were running their own websites or using the federal exchange. News outlets offer updates from California, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Wisconsin and Kansas.

      (Daily Report) Apr 01