Supreme Court

    • Conservatives' Mixed Message On Health Care Mandate

      The New York Times explores the history of the individual mandate. In other health law articles, a Gallup poll finds small business owners worried about the costs they will incur and some doctors in favor of a single payer health system file a brief with the Supreme Court opposing the federal law.

      (Daily Report) Feb 15, 2012

    • Senate Republicans Ask Supreme Court To Strike Mandate

      In a brief filed Monday, 43 Senate Republicans said that if the Supreme Court allows the mandate to buy health insurance in the Democrats' health law to stand, then Congress could require Americans to buy almost anything.

      (Daily Report) Feb 14, 2012

    • Coakley and Cuccinelli Debate The Health Law

      Two prominent state attorneys general examined the health law case before the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Reuters reports that some senators are pushing to get television cameras in the Supreme Court.

      (Daily Report) Feb 10, 2012

    • Viewpoints: GOP Dragging Heels On Payroll Tax, Doc Fix Plan; Opinions Still Heated On Contraception Rule

      A selection of editorials and opinion articles about health care policy from around the country.

      (Daily Report) Feb 07, 2012

    • Chances Dim For Live Broadcast Of High Arguments

      In other news related to the Supreme Court's consideration of legal challenges to the health law, the parties involved differ not only on questions related to the overhaul, but also on the allocation of time for different aspects of the overhaul.

      (Daily Report) Feb 06, 2012

    • Research Roundup: Safety-Net Hospitals Stack Up Well Against Others

      This week's studies come from the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Government Accountability Office, The Kaiser Family Foundation, the Journal of Health Services Research and the Institute of Medicine.

      (Daily Report) Feb 03, 2012

    • Setting The Scene For The Supreme Court's Consideration Of The Health Law

      Two state attorneys general will face off at the National Press Club on the constitutionality of the health overhaul. In other news, a Mississippi district court judge has agreed to hear a different legal challenge to the measure.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2012

    • First Edition: February 2, 2012

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports from Capitol Hill about ongoing efforts to reach a deal on the "doc fix" as well as the latest on the flap between the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation and Planned Parenthood.

      (Daily Report) Feb 02, 2012

    • First Edition: January 31, 2012

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including a report about Democratic expectations regarding the soon to be unveiled GOP budget and how it might reform Medicare.

      (Daily Report) Jan 31, 2012

    • Administration Lawyers File Brief In Support Of Health Law

      Justice Department attorneys argue that even if the Supreme Court overturns the individual mandate, it doesn't need to void the entire law.

      (Daily Report) Jan 30, 2012