Supreme Court

    • First Edition: March 12, 2012

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about key issues, dynamics and even personalities that will be in play when the Supreme Court takes up the health law later this month

      (Daily Report) Mar 12, 2012

    • White House Views Supreme Court Health Law Arguments As Teachable Moments

      The New York Times reports that the Obama administration has begun an effort to use these arguments as an opportunity to educate the public and build support for the overhaul. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports that one of the lead plaintiffs in a challenge to the law has gone bankrupt with outstanding medical bills, leading some to question whether this transforms her from a "symbol of proud independence into an example of exactly the problem the healthcare law was intended to address."

      (Daily Report) Mar 09, 2012

    • First Edition: March 9, 2012

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including polling news and strategy developments regarding the health law, as well as reports from the GOP presidential primary campaign trail.

      (Daily Report) Mar 09, 2012

    • Obama Administration: Mandate Is Respectful Of Individual Rights

      The Department of Justice argues that the individual mandate is more protective of individual choices than programs such as Medicare. In other news related to the health law, the clashes between consumer and business groups over the measure's required benefit summaries don't appear to be over.

      (Daily Report) Mar 08, 2012

    • High Court Swing Votes, Other Dynamics Offer Insights

      News outlets offer different views on some of the dynamics in play for the Supreme Court's health law review.

      (Daily Report) Mar 06, 2012

    • Dept. Of Justice Lawyers Strategize On How To Win Key SCOTUS Votes

      Media outlets report on this and other health law implementation developments, including news about health exchanges and the measure's pre-existing condition insurance plan.

      (Daily Report) Feb 29, 2012

    • First Edition: February 29, 2012

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports on yesterday's GOP presidential primary elections and how health policy played a role in some of the rhetoric.

      (Daily Report) Feb 29, 2012

    • 'Obamacare' Draws More Opposition Than 'Romneycare'

      Politico reports on new polling that shows the federal health law draws more negative public opinions than does the Massachusetts law signed by Mitt Romney when he was the state's governor. Also, the LA Times reports that a majority of registered voters believe the health law's individual mandate is unconstitutional.

      (Daily Report) Feb 28, 2012

    • Poll: Public Opinion Sharply Divided On Health Law Repeal

      Politico reports on a new poll that shows the nation is almost evenly split on whether, if elected, a Republican president should repeal the health law. Meanwhile, in related news, The Hill reports that House GOP lawmakers will renew their attacks on the overhaul to correspond with the Supreme Court review of the measure.

      (Daily Report) Feb 27, 2012

    • Viewpoints: Santorum On Repeal; Ariz. Republic Endorses Romney; How Catholic Church Almost Accepted Birth Control

      A selection of opinions and editorials from around the U.S.

      (Daily Report) Feb 27, 2012