Supreme Court

    • First Edition: March 28, 2012

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including recaps of yesterday's Supreme Court action related to the constitutionality of the individual mandate, and scene setters for day 3 of the oral arguments, which will tackle issues of severalbility and questions about the health law's Medicaid expansion.

      (Daily Report) Mar 28, 2012

    • Political Cartoon: "Spring Forward, Fall Back?" By Chris Weyant, The Hill

    • Capsules: Pundits Parse Tough Questions By Conservative Justices

      Kaiser Health News staff writer Phil Galewitz reports: "The second day of the momentous Supreme Court hearing on President Obama’s health law ended almost exactly at noon. By 12:03, many conservative lawmakers and television commentators who had been in the packed chambers stood on the marble steps outside, saying the health insurance mandate at the heart of the law appeared to be in deep trouble."

      (Daily Report) Mar 27, 2012

    • Slideshow: A Cold Morning But Hot Emotions Outside The Court

      Supporters and opponents of the health law took to the streets again today. Among the highlights were Rep. Michele Bachmann and a "labor chorus" that saluted the law in song. These Kaiser Health News' photos offer images of the action.

      (Daily Report) Mar 27, 2012

    • Transcript: Highlights Of The Lively Arguments At The Supreme Court, Day 2

      Here are excerpts of some of the most compelling parts of Tuesday's oral arguments at the high court.

      (Story) Mar 27, 2012

    • Conservative Justices Appear Skeptical Of Health Law's Insurance Mandate

      In today's oral arguments, the individual mandate was the focus of a barrage of tough questions. Kaiser Health News tracked the afternoon's media coverage of the session.

      (Daily Report) Mar 27, 2012

    • If It's Tuesday, It's The Individual Mandate

      In the second day of oral arguments, the Supreme Court will hear extended arguments on whether the federal government can require people to buy health insurance or face a penalty. Known as the "individual mandate," this provision, which is viewed as the "heart" of the health law, is steeped in politics.

      (Daily Report) Mar 27, 2012

    • High Court Unlikely To Push Health Law Ruling Into The Future

      Based on justices questions' during the opening day of oral arguments in the challenges to the health law, it appears the court was receptive to arguments by both the federal government and the measure's opponents that the case should be decided now rather than waiting until after the individual mandate's penalties for not having health insurance have kicked in.

      (Daily Report) Mar 27, 2012

    • What Individual Mandate, Other Health Law Rulings May Mean For Americans

      News outlets analyze arguments around the individual mandate and what a ruling by the Supreme Court will mean for most Americans. Kaiser Health News looks at changes in the health care industry as a result of the law, and how most of those shifts will continue regardless of what the Court decides.

      (Daily Report) Mar 27, 2012

    • As Court Brings Health Overhaul Into Focus, Politicians Pounce

      Santorum picks up his criticism of Romney's efforts in Massachusetts, which set up mandatory health coverage, but the former Massachusetts' governor continues to assail the federal plan.

      (Daily Report) Mar 27, 2012