Health Reform

    • First Edition: September 30, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including preview stories regarding the launch of the Open Payments database -- a federal government website which will provide information on drug company payments to tens of thousands of physicians.

      (Daily Report) 7:12AM ET

    • Many Rural Hospitals Are Excluded From Government's Push For Better Quality

      A quarter of the nation's hospitals are exempt from penalties, quality bonuses and other payment reforms.

      (Story) 5:09AM ET

    • Bigger Challenges Forecast For Health Law's Second Sign-Up Drive

      Enrolling new customers will be more complicated this time around because potential enrollees may be harder to reach, reports The Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, Fox News looks at the potential risks of automatic re-enrollment for consumers. The law's impact on hospitals, insurance companies and uninsured people is also in the news.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29

    • Health Plan Narrow Networks To Continue In 2015

      The Los Angeles Times reports that, for Californians, the state's largest insurers are likely to stick with, or even reduce, the size of their doctor networks for the upcoming plan season. Additionally, no comprehensive directory is available to help consumers match their physicians with their health plans. Meanwhile, The Washington Post also explores how the issue is playing out in the context of a ballot initiative.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29

    • Majority Of Americans Find The Health Law Hard To Understand, Poll Finds

      An Associated Press-GfK poll finds that nearly 75 percent of Americans find the overhaul "difficult" and nearly half say it is "very hard" to understand. However, health care remains a key issue. In California, there's an effort, for instance, to target messages that include access to health care in outreach to the much-sought-after female voters. Meanwhile, efforts to undo the health law will remain high on the GOP to-do list if Republicans gain control of the Senate.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29

    • During First Debate, Iowa Senate Candidates Ernst And Braley Clash On The Health Law

      News outlets offer updates on how the Affordable Care Act is playing in Iowa, Arkansas and Minnesota races.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29

    • Report: Finding Care Is Difficult For Some New Medicaid Enrollees

      State standards for access to care for Medicaid recipients vary widely and are rarely enforced, says a soon-to-be released report by the Health and Human Services Department's inspector general. Meanwhile, Tennessee's governor pursues Medicaid expansion talks, and confusion continues in Pennsylvania about what benefits will be available to enrollees in that state's expansion plan.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29

    • First Edition: September 29, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about the health law's continuing implementation and issues such as narrow networks.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29

    • Underinsured Enrollees Flood Community Health Centers

      Some low-income consumers who bought bronze plans with low premiums but high deductibles are discovering they still can't afford health care and are turning to the community health centers, which cannot turn anyone away. Meanwhile, a study finds insurance costs for small businesses are lower through the SHOP exchanges, and South Dakota lifts a $2M cap on employees' lifetime health costs.

      (Daily Report) Sep 26

    • Medicaid Expansion Concept Gains Momentum In Initially Reluctant States

      Reuters reports that this development has to do with financial pragmatism -- especially in GOP-led states that were at the forefront of opposition to the health law. The Associated Press provides a status check on Indiana's expansion request.

      (Daily Report) Sep 26