• Health Overhaul Issues Fill The Sunday Talk Shows

      Health experts and politicians filled Sunday talk shows as Obama administration officials push for reform.

      (Daily Report) Jul 20, 2009

    • Family Doctors: An Endangered Breed

      "As more medical students shun primary care for higher-paid specialties, experts warn of a severe imbalance that could cripple the nation's health care system," CNN Money reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 17, 2009

    • Administration Facing Tough Sell To Doctors On Health IT

      This week, progress was made in developing the framework for the $33 billion health information technology initiative created by the stimulus bill. Dr. David Blumenthal, who heads the Office of the National Coordinator, is a key figure in the process. But he still faces one of the most difficult challenges -- convincing doctors that it is in their interest to participate.

      (Story) Jul 17, 2009

    • Health Care Reform At a Glance: Rural America

      The American Chronicle reports that The House health reform bill maintains Congress´ commitment to rural America by ensuring that all individuals in rural areas have access to the care they need close to home.

      (Daily Report) Jul 17, 2009

    • Hospital Rankings Released By U.S. News And World Report

      "This is Year 20 for America's Best Hospitals, a tool for patients who need medical sophistication that most facilities are unable to provide," reports US News and World Report.

      (Daily Report) Jul 16, 2009

    • Women Vets Don't Always Get Privacy At VA Clinics

      Veterans Affairs hospitals and outpatient clinics under review are not always complying fully with federal privacy requirements, often exposing women when they bathe or receive exams, according to government auditors, The Associated Press reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 15, 2009

    • Today's Opinions And Editorials

      A Selection of Opinions and Editorials

      (Daily Report) Jul 15, 2009

    • Obama Announces Regina Benjamin As Surgeon General Pick

      President Barack Obama announced Monday Regina Benjamin as his pick for surgeon general. The Alabama family physician has been an advocate for universal care, and is expected to have a role "at the table" in health reform, which would be an unusual degree of influence over policy for a surgeon general.

      (Daily Report) Jul 14, 2009

    • Federal Nursing Home Web Site Attracts Visitors -- And Debate

      The federal Nursing Home Compare Web site has drawn millions of visitors since it posted movie-review-style ratings of nursing homes last year. Both the industry and consumer advocates are seeking changes, including the way homes' staffing levels are assessed.

      (Story) Jul 14, 2009

    • Federal Program Cracks Down On Medicare Fraud In Houston

      A federal program targets Medicare fraud in the Houston area as news of three cases representing at least $35 million in false claims emerged within the past week.

      (Daily Report) Jul 13, 2009