• Viewpoints: How Dems Should Run On Obamacare; A $54,000 Copter Ride

      A selection of opinions and editorials from around the country.

      (Daily Report) 9:47AM ET

    • Ohio Inmates Getting Medicaid; Va. Hospitals Pushing Legislature

      As prison inmates in Ohio gain their freedom, state officials are trying to get many of them enrolled in health coverage for low-income people. In Virginia, where the General Assembly is at an impasse on the budget because of the dispute over expanding Medicaid, hospitals seek to convey their message about the economic costs.

      (Daily Report) 9:44AM ET

    • GAO Examines Efforts To Raise Funds To Boost Health Law

      The investigation examined the campaign by federal officials to raise funds to promote enrollment in health insurance, The New York Times reports. GAO did not give a legal opinion on the propriety of the efforts.

      (Daily Report) 9:44AM ET

    • Clinton Papers Reveal Failed Health Law Efforts

      Newly released papers offer a glimpse of how the former president's team had hoped to win over moderate Republicans as well as Democrats, and also reassure Americans that the plan wouldn't disrupt coverage if they already had it.

      (Daily Report) 9:40AM ET

    • States Have Limited Time For Decision On Setting Up Marketplaces

      Those states that let the federal government run their health law insurance exchanges can still apply for federal money to set up a state-run one instead, but that funding opportunity expires in a few months, AP reports. Meanwhile, other outlets look at the deadline enrollment surge and its possible effect on health care costs.

      (Daily Report) 9:37AM ET

    • Maryland Details Money Spent On Troubled Health Marketplace

      The state spent nearly $130 million on the marketplace and more than $90 million of it on technology, according to the state's breakdown, The Washington Post reports.

      (Daily Report) 9:34AM ET

    • Health Law A Tough Sell, Although Millions Gain Benefits

      A New York Times analysis points out that many of those helped most by the health law are the least likely to cast votes to preserve it. CNN notes that Obamacare is a tough sell for embattled Democrats, even as a political analyst questions whether Republicans can be successful if they run against the law but offer no other program.

      (Daily Report) 9:24AM ET

    • Political Cartoon: 'Seeing Red?' By John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune

      Take a look at KHN's lighter side, featuring today's cartoon and health policy haiku.

      (Daily Report) 9:20AM ET

    • First Edition: April 21, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including a GAO report on how the Obama administration raised money from outside groups to promote the health law.

      (Daily Report) 7:20AM ET

    • Sign-Up Figures Trigger New Round Of Health Law Political Spin

      President Barack Obama uses the new enrollment numbers to urge Democrats to be proud of the health law and calls on Republicans to back off in their push to repeal the measure. GOP leaders, though, do not appear to soften their positions.

      (Daily Report) Apr 18