• Providers And Medicare Battle: Who Owns Home Oxygen Equipment?

      A Medicare rule limiting payments for oxygen providers to 36 months, but requiring two additional years of service without the same payments, has prompted an aggressive lobbying campaign by the industry, and unintended consequences for patients.

      (Daily Report) Jul 08, 2009

    • Hospitals, White House Reach Accord On Cuts To Pay For Reform

      Major hospital groups reached an agreement Monday with the White House and Senate Democrats to accept $155 billion in payment cuts over ten years, a concession that would help pay for proposed health care reforms.

      (Daily Report) Jul 07, 2009

    • Alzheimer's Patients Fight For Quicker Medicare Coverage

      NPR reports on the struggle of Alzheimer's patients who don't have health insurance trying to find ways to pay for their care and lobby for greater protections for themselves.

      (Daily Report) Jul 07, 2009

    • For America's Aged, Surgery At Any Price?

      When doctors decide whether or not to go ahead with an expensive surgery, "age is no longer the deciding factor, even for invasive treatment such as open-heart surgery," The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 06, 2009

    • Medicare Offers Lessons For Possible 'Public Plan'

      As President Barack Obama and some Democratic lawmakers push for a government-run public plan, Medicare is being scrutinized.

      (Daily Report) Jul 06, 2009

    • President Calls For Medicare Payment Rate Revisions

      President Obama reiterated his call to realign Medicare reimbursement rates as a part of his broad push for health reform in a meeting with nine reporters, including writers from local newspapers, Wednesday.

      (Daily Report) Jul 02, 2009

    • Study Examines Cost, Benefits Of Extending Medicare Drug Use

      A new large-scale study of medical records found that the extra cost of extending prescription coverage to Medicare beneficiaries was substantially offset by lower spending on other medical care for people who previously had limited or no prescription-drug coverage.

      (Daily Report) Jul 02, 2009

    • When the Government Runs Health Insurance

      Much of the health care reform debate centers on the Democratic push to create a government-run insurance option for working age Americans and their families. But shouldn’t policymakers take a hard look at Medicare—-the largest health insurance program in the country--before moving ahead to create something similar for everyone else?

      (Column) Jul 02, 2009

    • Revolving-Door Patients Illustrate Health System Flaws

      Patients who are readmitted to the hospital soon after they're discharged cost the health care system billions of dollars a year in unnecessary spending. These "frequent fliers," as doctors sometimes call them, illustrate the worst aspects of poorly coordinated care. Innovative programs may serve as models for fixing the problems.

      (Story) Jun 30, 2009