• Support For Health Overhaul Slipping

      A USA Today/Gallup Poll found that "most Americans say it's important to overhaul health care this year," but "they are less enthusiastic about some of the proposals to pay for it," USA Today reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 14, 2009

    • Federal Program Cracks Down On Medicare Fraud In Houston

      A federal program targets Medicare fraud in the Houston area as news of three cases representing at least $35 million in false claims emerged within the past week.

      (Daily Report) Jul 13, 2009

    • For Doctors In Congress, Little Harmony On Health Care

      "In the struggle to overhaul the nation’s health care system, 16 physicians ended up in ringside seats — as members of the House and Senate. But they have taken different lessons from their experiences in medicine, and they do not agree on what a bill should look like," the New York Times reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 13, 2009

    • Senate Weighs New Taxes To Fund Reform

      "Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) presented his members Thursday with more than a dozen ways to pay for health care legislation, ranging from new fees on industry to an income-tax hike on couples making more than $1 million a year," Politico reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 10, 2009

    • New Medicare Data Compare Hospitals Based On Readmissions

      "The new data come amid a national debate over how to reduce the rate of hospital readmissions, which cost the federal government billions of dollars a year in Medicare reimbursements," the New York Times reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 10, 2009

    • Today's Selection Of Opinions And Editorials

      A selection of opinions and editorials.

      (Daily Report) Jul 10, 2009

    • Experts Urge Revamping of Long-Term Medicare Funding Mechanisms

      Experts see major revamp of the long-term Medicare funding mechanisms as a critical part of health reform. Many praise recent deals by drug makers and hospitals to make budget cuts, but say more long-term cost cutting should occur.

      (Daily Report) Jul 10, 2009

    • States Undergo A Variety Of Health Care Policy Developments

      Recent state-level action includes the vetoe of two health insurance bills in Connecticut.

      (Daily Report) Jul 09, 2009

    • A Selection Of Recent Studies And Surveys

      Recent research includes studies regarding racial disparities in breast cancer mortality; Medicare Part D's impact on drug and medical spending; and health department efforts to communicate swine flu risk.

      (Daily Report) Jul 09, 2009

    • Medicare Analysis Finds Too Many Needless Deaths At Hospitals

      New Medicare analysis reveals a double failure at hospitals with too many people dying needlessly and the prevalence of a revolving door in health care. The analysis by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) comes as the White House and Congress seeks ways to reward patient care over quantity of care in health care reform.

      (Daily Report) Jul 09, 2009