• First Edition: September 23, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about work being done on in anticipation of the next open enrollment period, which begins in mid-November.

      (Daily Report) 7:19AM ET

    • Viewpoints: CHIP Funding Needed; GOP's Flawed Plan To Make 'The Pill' OTC; Millenials' Health Issues

      A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

      (Daily Report) Sep 22

    • Medicare Experiment Shows Initial Promise

      Accountable care organizations, an Affordable Care Act model that rewards providers who produce better quality at lower cost, are showing promise in Wisconsin and Iowa. Meanwhile, a top Medicare adviser outlines other needed changes.

      (Daily Report) Sep 22

    • First Edition: September 22, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including a variety of stories detailing how health issues are playing in the midterm election campaigns.

      (Daily Report) Sep 22

    • 7.3 Million Who Picked Exchange Plans Paid Their Premiums

      That number, which reflects the tally of people who obtained insurance via the health law, fell slightly from the estimated 8 million mark that was released in the spring. It means that at least 700,000 consumers who initially signed up for a health plan let it go.

      (Daily Report) Sep 19

    • Health Law, Medicare Remain Hot Topics In Campaign Commercials

      Politico reports that, although the health law and other related issues may not be the flashpoints they were in other recent election years, they still have muscle on the campaign trail. For instance, Kentucky's Senate candidates both are running Medicare ads. In Georgia's Senate race, rural health care is part of the buzz.

      (Daily Report) Sep 19

    • Expert Panel: End-Of-Life Care In U.S. Needs Improvement

      The 21-member Institute of Medicine panel concluded in its new report that incentives exist within the health system that often run contrary to dying patients' wishes. More conversations and planning are among the recommendations.

      (Daily Report) Sep 18

    • UCLA Health System Promotes Virtual Doctor Visits

      The health system will allow patients to see doctors using their cell phones, computers or tablets. Meanwhile, the American Medical Association proposes an action plan to boost the quality of electronic health records and asks the Obama administration to abandon its "all or nothing approach" to the shift to digital records.

      (Daily Report) Sep 17

    • Senate Hearing Previews Upcoming Debate About Future Of CHIP

      And, on the House side, Ways & Means Health Subcommittee Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, expresses displeasure with a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services plan to clear a hospital appeals backlog.

      (Daily Report) Sep 17

    • Coordination Pays Off For About A Quarter Of ACOs

      The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reported that 64 of 243 accountable care organizations -- a new health care delivery model created by the health law -- earned bonuses by saving the Medicare program money. Four ACOs overspent and now owe the government money.

      (Daily Report) Sep 17