• Medicaid 'Vulnerable' In Deficit Talks

      The latest GOP proposal being floated in the House exposes Medicaid to heavy cuts because of the plan's cap on federal spending. Meanwhile, some advocates question the commitment of some Democrats to defending the program.

      (Daily Report) Jul 18, 2011

    • Capitol Hill Prepares For Politically Charged Votes On Debt Limit

      With the deadline just about two weeks away, lawmakers continue to struggle to reach an agreement surrounding the effort to raise the nation's borrowing limit.

      (Daily Report) Jul 18, 2011

    • Health Programs Among Moving Parts In Debt-Deal Negotiations

      President Barack Obama has signaled that he is open to changes in Medicare and Social Security. Meanwhile, hospitals raise the ire of some lawmakers because of ads designed to protect health program spending, and drug makers are put on notice.

      (Daily Report) Jul 18, 2011

    • Capsules: Drug Industry Rebates: The Sequel

      On the blog, Kaiser Health News staff writer Mary Agnes Carey reports: "Note to drug makers: Just in case you thought you'd be spared as part of the debt ceiling talks, think again."

      (Daily Report) Jul 18, 2011

    • States Grapple With Reduced Federal Medicaid Match

      Stateline looks at the effect to states of the loss of extra federal matching funds for Medicaid. In addition, other news outlets explore the difficulty of finding physicians who accept Medicaid patients, a financial analysis of cuts in Medicaid funding being considered as part of the debt talks in Washington and the fight in Florida over moving enrollees to a managed care style plan.

      (Daily Report) Jul 18, 2011

    • First Edition: July 18, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including the latest news on the debt-ceiling talks as well as reports on IPAB and health exchanges.

      (Daily Report) Jul 18, 2011

    • Debt-Ceiling Debate's Effect On Medicare, Medicaid Likely To Have Election Consequences

      Heading into another week of debt-ceiling negotiations, Democrats and Republicans continue to tussle over Medicare and Medicaid.

      (Daily Report) Jul 17, 2011

    • Efforts To Solve Debt Crisis May Affect Medicaid Funding

      The New York Times reports on growing concerns among governors that federal payments, including Medicaid funding, could be trimmed under any deal reached in Washington to raise the federal debt limit. Meanwhile, Politico Pro says that a GOP House proposal would shield Medicare from cuts but not Medicaid.

      (Daily Report) Jul 16, 2011

    • President: 'Shared Sacrifice' Means 'Taking On Health Care Spending' (Video Excerpts)

      In his second news conference in a week, President Barack Obama said he is "willing to look at" a number of ways to reduce health care spending, including provider cuts and changing the eligibility age for Medicare. But he dismissed the Republican approach, saying "it’s not necessary to completely revamp" Medicare to deal with the deficit and the debt ceiling.

      (Video) Jul 15, 2011

    • Angst Rises Over Proposed Health Cuts

      News outlets report on efforts by health care players to make clear their concerns about proposed reductions in spending for Medicare, Medicaid and other safety net programs.

      (Daily Report) Jul 15, 2011