• State Roundup: Planned Parenthood, Ariz. Reach Interim Agreement

      News outlets report on a variety of state health policy issues.

      (Daily Report) Aug 24, 2011

    • Danforth On Super Committee's Task: 'The Problem Is The Cost Of Health Care'

      The Republican former senator talks with KHN’s Mary Agnes Carey about the politics of deficit-cutting commissions and what it will take to tackle the ballooning federal deficit.

      (Daily Report) Aug 24, 2011

    • First Edition: August 24, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports that Medicare tries bundled payments and HHS may give states a second chance to avoid a federally-run health insurance exchange.

      (Daily Report) Aug 24, 2011

    • SSI Program For ADHD, Other Disabled Kids Under Scrutiny

      The SSI program for low-income disabled children is rapidly expanding, with the biggest increase among kids with mental, behavioral and learning disorders, including ADHD, speech delays, autism, and bipolar disorder, sparking criticism in Congress.

      (Story) Aug 24, 2011

    • 'Super Committee' Handicapping, Analysis Continues

      The deficit panel has already set to work, holding conference calls and using the congressional recess to begin their process. As its members face a Thanksgiving deadline for making their recommendations to find $1.5 trillion in budget savings over 10 years, speculation continues regarding their chances for success.

      (Daily Report) Aug 23, 2011

    • Ark. Details Plans For Medicaid Payment Reforms

      In other Medicaid news from the states, Kansas must find a new funding source for its online enrollment system, and New York and Nebraska audit medicaid payments.

      (Daily Report) Aug 23, 2011

    • Rick Perry's Views On Medicare, Other Health Policy Issues Draw Scrutiny

      The GOP presidential hopeful's views on key issues have triggered examination by news outlets. Meanwhile, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who proposed sweeping changes to the Medicare program, has opted not to join the presidential primary contest.

      (Daily Report) Aug 23, 2011

    • First Edition: August 23, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry's positions on the health law and other health policy issues.

      (Daily Report) Aug 23, 2011

    • As Hospitals Push ERs, States’ Medicaid Budgets Pressured

      With their budgets squeezed, states are trying to reduce unnecessary ER visits by patients in Medicaid. But officials complain that their efforts are sometimes hampered by hospitals' aggressive marketing of ERs to increase admissions and profits.

      (Story) Aug 22, 2011

    • Advocates Worry Over 'Super Committee's' Consideration Of Medicaid

      Meanwhile, the health law's individual mandate could fall prey to deficit reduction efforts. And, in the background, congressional appropriators face especially unique challenges this year in trying to get their work done.

      (Daily Report) Aug 22, 2011