• An Unreasonable Expectation…

      As the country has struggled to raise the debt ceiling, there have been periodic expectations that the current fiscal distress would produce the "right environment" to finally reform entitlements -- particularly Medicare. This has seemed quite astounding to me, 15 months before a presidential election year, given the presence of a divided Congress and our highly charged political environment.

      (Column) Aug 02, 2011

    • With Clock Ticking, Debt-Deal Moves Toward Finish

      A Senate vote on the package is set for today. The deal itself has left both liberals and conservatives unhappy but clarified both parties' priorities. For Democrats, it was protecting Medicaid and Social Security. For Republicans, preventing tax increases.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011

    • Debt Deal Triggers Nerves In Health Industry; Providers Brace For Cuts

      Physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and home health care providers are all bracing for pain as the debt-ceiling agreement kicks in.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011

    • N.Y. Brothers Earn $1 Million With Medicaid-Financed Business

      The New York Times details a the expensive lifestyle of two men from Brooklyn who earned nearly $1 million a year running a Medicaid-financed nonprofit organization serving the developmentally disabled. Meanwhile, in Florida, state officials submitted their plans for converting Medicaid to a managed care program.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011

    • Editorials Dissect Debt Deal, Contraception, HSAs, Long-Term Care

      A selection of ediorials from around the country.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011

    • Debt Deal Raises Concerns For States

      State officials worry that federal funding for health and other programs could be squeezed by the special congressional committee that will hammer out further spending cuts.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011

    • Super Committee's Muscle Draws Interest, Questions

      Some lawmakers are questioning the powerful panel's ability to recommend changes to entitlement programs and the tax code. This group must present a deficit-reduction package to Congress by Nov. 23. Failure to do so would lead to across-the-board cuts to high-priority programs such as defense spending and Medicare.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011

    • Judge Temporarily Bars Kansas From Cutting Planned Parenthood Funds

      New state law would have stripped federal family planning funds from going to Planned Parenthood.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011

    • Health On The Hill: Medicaid Untouched, Medicare Spared -- For Now -- In Debt Deal

      KHN's Mary Agnes Carey talks about the lack of Medicare and Medicaid cuts in the initial round of cuts tied to the debt ceiling increase, and about what sort of cuts the programs could be open to later in the year.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011

    • First Edition: August 2, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including how the specifics of the debt-ceiling deal might impact Medicare providers.

      (Daily Report) Aug 02, 2011