• Calif. Medicaid Case Pits Top Democrats Against Obama Administration

      The Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday on the case, which originated in California, and raises a central question: Do individuals have the right to sue a state for its administration of the Medicaid program?

      (Daily Report) Sep 30, 2011

    • GOP Presidential Hopefuls: Where They Stand On Health Care (updated chart)

      An interactive chart shows where six of the candidates - Bachmann, Hutsman, Paul, Perry, Romney and Santorum - currently stand on major health care issues.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30, 2011

    • First Edition: September 30, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about how new and old health policy positions are playing on the campaign trail.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30, 2011

    • States Join Forces To Fend Off Medicaid Cuts

      Red and blue states alike are lobbying with a common message: They oppose federal cuts to Medicaid that could create even more red ink for already-stretched state budgets.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29, 2011

    • Medicaid Payments In N.Y., Kentucky Questioned

      New York auditors says nursing homes were overpaid, while a Kentucky state senator says doctors at the University of Louisville misused Medicaid funds.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29, 2011

    • Jails Are Holding Increasing Numbers Of Mentally Ill

      The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that in Georgia more mentally ill people are locked away than are treated in state psychiatric hospitals. In other state news about mental health, Florida seeks to recoup $4 million from a company that managed Medicaid mental health services, and Milwaukee considers bolstering services.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29, 2011

    • First Edition: September 29, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports that a Supreme Court ruling on the 2010 health law is now likely before the 2012 presidential election.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29, 2011

    • Debt Panel Operates In Secret, Eyes 'Dual Eligibles' As Source Of Savings

      The 'super committee' is taking a look at proposals to reduce spending on this population, which qualifies for both Medicare and Medicaid and is made up of the sickest and poorest American citizens. In the background, The New York Times examines what congressional "short-term fixes" say about the legislative body.

      (Daily Report) Sep 28, 2011

    • Political Cartoon: "Getting An Estimate" by Joe Heller, Green Bay Press-Gazette

    • Perry, Romney Continue In GOP Primary Spotlight

      News outlets report on the ongoing sparring between the two candidates and on Perry's health policy record as Texas governor. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann points to her rivals' positions on issues including health care and says Republicans should not settle for a moderate candidate. Also, NPR flashes back to GOP candidate Herman Cain's 1994 debate performance. And, on the other side of the political spectrum, The Associated Press reports that Democrats are shifting their campaign message away from the health law and toward Medicare.

      (Daily Report) Sep 27, 2011