• Health Care: Super Power For The Super Committee

      Health care costs are typically kryptonite in budget talks, but this time they are also the common enemy to both Democrats and Republicans. But both will have to give in order to reach a successful deal.

      (Story) Oct 12, 2011

    • At Debate, Romney Offers Spirited Defense Of Mass. Health Plan

      At Tuesday night's GOP presidential hopeful face-off, former Mass. governor Mitt Romney was the focus of the other candidates, who criticized his economic policies and his state's health overhaul. But, having earned the endorsement of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie earlier in the day, he appears to be gaining momentum.

      (Daily Report) Oct 12, 2011

    • 37 States, D.C. Advance Plans To Improve Health Outcomes For Dual Eligibles

      The states and D.C. are proposing demonstration projects to better coordinate and therefore improve care for an estimated 9 million people who fall into this category. States would receive a share of any resulting savings.

      (Daily Report) Oct 12, 2011

    • AARP Members Take To The Hill To Protect Entitlements

      In an effort to reinforce national television advertising, more than 400 AARP volunteers and staffers will be on Capitol Hill today to remind lawmakers not to cut Medicare. Meanwhile, both Democratic and Republican leaders are sending clear messages to the "super committee" and their fellow lawmakers regarding what they think should be on the table and how to frame expectations.

      (Daily Report) Oct 12, 2011

    • Mass. Medicaid Waiver Hits Roadblock; N.Y. Enrollment Reaches 5 Million

      Politico reports that despite its health reform efforts, Massachusetts is having trouble getting the federal government to issue a waiver for Medicaid programs. The Wall Street Journal reports on the growing needs in New York.

      (Daily Report) Oct 12, 2011

    • First Edition: October 12, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports detailing how GOP rivals targeted Mitt Romney during last night's presidential debate, and how Romney defended his health plan.

      (Daily Report) Oct 12, 2011

    • In GOP Debate Run Up, Candidates Stake Out Ground; Go On Attack

      The Republican presidential hopefuls will face off Tuesday evening in New Hampshire. Even before the event begins, candidates are staking their ground. Texas Gov. Rick Perry went on the offensive, releasing a web video attacking former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney's health care positions. Meanwhile, the debate will be very important to Herman Cain, who has been climbing in the polls, and Michele Bachmann, who has fallen precipitously.

      (Daily Report) Oct 11, 2011

    • State Roundup: Calif. Insurer's Avastin Decision; Kansas Dental Care

      Today's state roundup comes from California, Connecticut and Kansas.

      (Daily Report) Oct 11, 2011

    • Dems And Republicans Agree: Super Committee's Work Should Be Less Secret

      The New York Times reports that both parties are calling for a window into the deficit-reduction panel's deliberations. Meanwhile, Politico Pro offers scenarios regarding how the committee could potentially address Medicare's "doc-fix" issue.

      (Daily Report) Oct 11, 2011

    • Political Cartoon: 'It's 10 P.M. ...'

      KHN's regular installment of health policy humor.

      (Daily Report) Oct 11, 2011