• MedPAC Offers Recommendations For Changes To Dual Eligibles Program

      Modern Healthcare reports that the advisory panel voted unanimously for these changes designed to improve and expand a program for these high-cost beneficiaries.

      (Daily Report) Nov 04, 2011

    • Romney Details His Deficit-Reduction Plans

      Media outlets also report on how the abortion issue might impact GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, fact checks and news from Iowa about Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum also are in the headlines.

      (Daily Report) Nov 04, 2011

    • First Edition: November 4, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about the super committee's apparent impasse, and details on Mitt Romney's plan to cut the deficit.

      (Daily Report) Nov 04, 2011

    • 100 Lawmakers Urge Deficit Panel To Consider 'All Options'

      A letter from this bipartisan group of House members to the super committee asked that the panel strive for a larger, $4 trillion deal. Meanwhile, Politico offers four possible scenarios that could play out for health interests.

      (Daily Report) Nov 03, 2011

    • Calif. Hospital Association Sues Over Medi-Cal Provider Cuts

      The state recently received federal approval for a 10 percent cut in reimbursements for services from physicians, laboratories, pharmacies and nursing and long-term-care facilities.

      (Daily Report) Nov 03, 2011

    • Glaxo Pays $3 Billion To Settle U.S. Investigations

      The settlement will also cover a Department of Justice probe into Glaxo's development and marketing of the diabetes drug Avandia.

      (Daily Report) Nov 03, 2011

    • Roundup: Mental Health Hospital Woes; N.Y. Medicare Scam Bust

      Today's state news includes reports from Kansas, Georgia, Minnesota, New York and Michigan.

      (Daily Report) Nov 03, 2011

    • Cain Offers Up His Views On Health Policy

      In a short policy speech delivered on Capitol Hill, GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain expressed his support for repealing the 2010 health law and replacing it with market-based reforms.

      (Daily Report) Nov 03, 2011

    • First Edition: November 3, 2011

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about a bipartisan group of lawmakers who are urging the super committee to consider "all options."

      (Daily Report) Nov 03, 2011

    • Budget Experts Focus On Health Costs

      Four well-known budget gurus testified Tuesday in a public super committee hearing, telling the panel they should raise revenues and overhaul expensive federal health programs in order to develop a budget compromise that will meet the $1.2 trillion, 10-year mandate.

      (Daily Report) Nov 02, 2011