• The Public Option Did Not Die

      Unique in the nation for having public health insurance plans that are run by counties, California has public plans that stretch from San Francisco to the Mexican border and cover 2.5 million people.

      (Story) Jan 12, 2012

    • Judge Halts Calif. Plan To Cut Medicaid Payments For Medical Transportation

      In other Medicaid news, articles from Georgia, Kansas and Colorado examine concerns about the program's cost or planned changes.

      (Daily Report) Jan 12, 2012

    • Longer Looks: Politicians Play Whac-A-Mole With Medicare

      Today's selections includes articles from The Washington Post Magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, Slate, Reason and American Medical News.

      (Daily Report) Jan 12, 2012

    • States File Brief Against Health Law's Medicaid Expansion

      In a brief filed Tuesday, the 26 states that are involved in a challenge to the health law argued the measure's Medicaid expansion is "unconstitutional coercion" and linked it to the individual mandate.

      (Daily Report) Jan 11, 2012

    • Medicaid Cuts Have Patient Advocates, States Considering Their Options

      Stateline reports that new federal rules that limit state options for cutting Medicaid have moved health care providers and patient advocates nearer to testing the legality of the cuts in court. In the meantime, Medicaid cuts and restructuring remain in play in dwindling state budgets as Oregon, Ohio and Kansas look for ways to save money in the state-federal health care program for the poor.

      (Daily Report) Jan 11, 2012

    • First Edition: January 11, 2012

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including a report that the 26 states opposed to the health law have filed their Supreme Court arguments against the measure's Medicaid expansion.

      (Daily Report) Jan 11, 2012

    • OMB Chief Jack Lew Tapped As New White House Chief Of Staff

      Jack Lew will replace Bill Daley in the post later this month after work is completed on the 2013 budget. Democrats and progressives are cheering this Obama administration pick because he has a long record of protecting entitlement programs, especially Medicaid.

      (Daily Report) Jan 10, 2012

    • Medicaid News: Advocates Decry Maine Plan To Cut Rolls

      In wide-ranging news about state Medicaid programs, outlets look at the controversy in Maine, the lawsuit in Texas that could have ramifications across the country, a suit in Connecticut that charges the state doesn't have enough staff to process applicants, efforts to require prompt state payments to health care providers and Kansas' realignment of its Medicaid operations.

      (Daily Report) Jan 10, 2012

    • We Watch The Debates So You Don't Have To (Video Excerpts)

      KHN boils down the weekend's GOP presidential debate marathon to just the discussions of health care issues, including Medicare, premium support and contraception.

      (Daily Report) Jan 09, 2012

    • State Governments Trying New Ways To Cope With Medicaid Costs

      A selection of Medicaid news from around the country.

      (Daily Report) Jan 09, 2012