• First Edition: April 18, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports and analysis about President Barack Obama's announcement that health law sign-ups hit the 8 million mark.

      (Daily Report) 7:33AM ET

    • Obama Sharply Criticizes Republicans As He Announces 8 Million Have Enrolled

      President says others have been denied the law’s benefits because many states haven’t expanded Medicaid.

      (Story) Apr 17

    • Obama Announces 8 Million Have Enrolled In Marketplace Plans

      The president also announced that 35 percent of people who enrolled on the federally run marketplace are under age 35.

      (Video) Apr 17

    • Fully paid up but still no coverage

      A 39-year-old Philadelphia day care teacher, made three monthly premium payments at more than three times the subsidized rate just to make sure she was covered. And her insurance has still been canceled three times – for nonpayment.

      (Story) Apr 17

    • Health Law Strategies Emerge For Congressional Campaigns

      Some Democrats are pointing to recent good news about the health law and urging candidates in tough races to embrace the overhaul. At the same time, GOP leaders say criticism of the law will resonate with voters.

      (Daily Report) Apr 17

    • MNsure Picks Deloitte To Revamp Exchange

      Other state developments include the District of Columbia's decision to extend enrollment until April 30, New York's announcement that nearly 1 million residents enrolled in coverage and a Georgia report that only about half of the 220,000 enrollees in that state have paid their first month's premiums.

      (Daily Report) Apr 17

    • Industry Coalition Pushes For Price Transparency

      A report put out Wednesday by a coalition of hospitals, insurers, doctors and consumer advocates recommends how providers can make information available about the costs of various tests and procedures. An accompanying guide tells consumers how to find it.

      (Daily Report) Apr 17

    • Skin Docs Prescribe Costlier Drugs After Free Samples

      In other news, panels recommend a costly hepatitis C drug for the sickest patients, and cancer doctors will compare the value of costly cancer drugs.

      (Daily Report) Apr 17

    • UnitedHealth's 1st Quarter Profit Falls 7.8%

      Officials blame part of the downturn on reductions in federal funding for the Medicare Advantage program and new taxes resulting from the health law.

      (Daily Report) Apr 17

    • Medicare Pays Doctors Even After They're Sanctioned

      A ProPublica report finds that the agency continued paying doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals even after they were charged with bilking the program. Meanwhile, a report recommends that Medicare pay hospitals less for low-risk outpatient surgeries.

      (Daily Report) Apr 17