• As Payments Database Debuts, Doctors Urge Caution

      Consumers can look up their doctors and see if they were paid in any way by the health industry.

      (Story) 5:09AM ET

    • Website Launches Today Showing Drugmakers' Payments To Doctors

      The so-called Open Payments program is intended to shine a light on potential ethical conflicts and allow patients to look up their doctors online. The first batch of data, however, will be incomplete, covering only a few months at the end of 2013. Journalism website ProPublica says it has tracked 3.4 million payments to health professionals since 2009, totaling more than $4 billion.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30

    • More Insurers Change How They Pay Medical Providers

      Commercial insurers are moving rapidly from the old system of paying health providers for every test or procedure they do toward payments based on the value rather than volume of services, according to a report by Catalyst for Payment Reform, a business coalition focused on health care costs.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30

    • Drug And Device News: Study Questions Medical Devices' Safety Evidence

      Elsewhere, The Associated Press reports on a new advertising approach for Viagra -- a TV commercial that targets women.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30

    • Federal Database On Physician Quality Ratings Comes Up Short, Experts Say

      The database, which was created by the health law, offers only the most basic information, according to USA Today.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30

    • Today Is The Deadline For Thousands To Provide Information To Keep Subsidies

      The administration has notified more than 300,000 people that they need to provide documentation to keep their health insurance subsidies. Also in news on the health law, supporters are weighing a new focus on the individual mandate, and the administration promises changes to the ACO rules.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30

    • Viewpoints: Shop Around For Health Coverage; 'Gaming' Obamacare; FDA And Painkillers

      A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30

    • First Edition: September 30, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including preview stories regarding the launch of the Open Payments database -- a federal government website which will provide information on drug company payments to tens of thousands of physicians.

      (Daily Report) Sep 30

    • Bigger Challenges Forecast For Health Law's Second Sign-Up Drive

      Enrolling new customers will be more complicated this time around because potential enrollees may be harder to reach, reports The Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, Fox News looks at the potential risks of automatic re-enrollment for consumers. The law's impact on hospitals, insurance companies and uninsured people is also in the news.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29

    • Health Plan Narrow Networks To Continue In 2015

      The Los Angeles Times reports that, for Californians, the state's largest insurers are likely to stick with, or even reduce, the size of their doctor networks for the upcoming plan season. Additionally, no comprehensive directory is available to help consumers match their physicians with their health plans. Meanwhile, The Washington Post also explores how the issue is playing out in the context of a ballot initiative.

      (Daily Report) Sep 29