• Senate Unanimously Approves McDonald To Lead The VA

      Robert A. McDonald, the 61-year-old former chief executive of Procter & Gamble and graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, will take over the embattled VA after a scandal related to wait-time data led to the resignation of Eric Shinseki.

      (Daily Report) 10:16AM ET

    • Hawaii Weighs Efforts To Fix Online Health Marketplace

      The state set up its own exchange, but it's losing money, and officials are considering options for a long-term fix or a switch to the federal marketplace instead. Also, new reports examine how the uninsured view the marketplaces and young adults' deliberations on health insurance.

      (Daily Report) 9:45AM ET

    • First Edition: July 30, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including news from Capitol Hill on the Senate confirmation of Robert McDonald to head the VA.

      (Daily Report) 7:43AM ET

    • State Highlights: Calif. Insurance Commissioner Asks For Premium Power

      A selection of health policy stories from California, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, New Mexico, Kansas and New York.

      (Daily Report) Jul 29

    • First Edition: July 29, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including coverage of the latest Medicare trustee report and the details of the veterans care legislation on Capitol Hill.

      (Daily Report) Jul 29

    • Deal Said To Address VA's Short- And Long-Term Needs

      Negotiators on Sunday reported reaching an agreement, which is expected to authorize billions of dollars in emergency spending to bring more physicians, nurses and clinic sites to the Veterans Affairs system. Legislation is to be unveiled today. Lawmakers have only about five working days before the August break to finalize the agreement.

      (Daily Report) Jul 28

    • New Wave Of Patients Boosting Hospital Earnings

      Earnings reports offered last week by two hospital operators offer evidence that the health law's coverage expansion is leading more patients to seek treatment.

      (Daily Report) Jul 28

    • State Highlights: Va. Lt. Gov. Juggles Politics And Pediatrics

      A selection of health policy news from Virginia, Maryland, Florida, New York, Wisconsin, Washington state, New Jersey and Kansas.

      (Daily Report) Jul 28

    • First Edition: July 28, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about the deal reached by House and Senate negotiators regarding veterans' health care.

      (Daily Report) Jul 28

    • Expensive Hepatitis Drug Challenges Medicaid Programs' Funding

      State officials are nervous about how to afford the new medicine, which can run $84,000 for treatment. Also in Medicaid news, federal data show children using emergency room treatment at night or weekends are often on Medicaid.

      (Daily Report) Jul 25