Health Costs

    • In South Florida And The Nation, Health Care Costs Often Are Shrouded In Secrecy

      Like many employers across the country, Miami-Dade isn’t allowed to know the prices its own insurance administrators negotiate with healthcare providers, even though the county is self-insured and workers’ claims are paid with taxpayer dollars.

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    • Health Care Prices: Many Moving Parts Veiled By Confidentiality Agreements

      Unlike Medicare, private insurers do not publish their payments, and experts say the prices they pay hospitals for the same procedure vary widely.

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    • Obamacare Boosts Bottom Lines Of Washington Hospitals

      Hospitals attribute the 30 percent reduction in uncompensated care to the expansion of Medicaid and private coverage under the federal health law. Meanwhile, insurers are pushing back against a wave of hospital mergers nationwide.

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    • Study: Subsidy Quirk Means Young People Pay More For Bronze Plans

      How the government calculates insurance subsidies makes the cheapest bronze plans more costly for young people relative to those aged 54 to 64, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Meanwhile, Oregon budgets $2 million for a lawsuit fight with Oracle over its health insurance marketplace.

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    • Gilead To Boost Price Of New Hepatitis C Drug

      Gilead Sciences says its next generation drug to combat hepatitis C, slated to launch next month, will be more expensive than $1,000-a-pill Sovaldi, in part because the new treatment will be shorter and simpler. Gilead also struck a deal with Indian generic drugmakers to sell lower-cost versions of Sovaldi in poor countries.

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    • Medicaid: 25 Ways States Game The System

      The Department of Health and Human Services has identified the key problems the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services need to address to ensure that states pay their fair share of the state-federal low income insurance program.

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    • State Highlights: Calif. Prop 45 Ad Truth Check; Medi-Cal Autism Coverage

      A selection of health policy stories from Florida, California, Kansas, Illinois, Washington state and Minnesota.

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    • First Edition: September 15, 2014

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about how the health law sales pitch is getting an overhaul in advance of the upcoming sign-up period as well as reports about complications that may occur during the open enrollment season.

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    • Groups Get $3.2 Million To Enroll Minorities In Obamacare

      Federal health officials award grants to 13 community organizations to sign up racial and ethnic minorities in health plans through online insurance marketplaces. Meanwhile, a group of South Florida hospitals raises money to help low-income patients pay their insurance premiums, and Massachusetts details plans to re-enroll 450,000 residents.

      (Daily Report) Sep 12

    • Flaw In Federal Software Lets Employers Offer Plans Without Hospital Benefits, Consultants Say

      Problems with a government calculator that companies use to prove that their insurance meets health law standards could allow substandard policies, consumer advocates say.

      (Daily Report) Sep 12