Delivery of Care

    • AP: Children's Hospital A Model For Benefits, Struggles Of Health IT

      An Associated Press analysis of the "new all-digital Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh" reveals the benefits of electronic health records in action, and the steep climb the hospital took to achieve those improvements.

      (Daily Report) Jul 07, 2009

    • Hospital Deal Could Come Wednesday

      The hospital industry is nearing a deal with the White House and congressional Democrats to accept Medicare and Medicaid cuts. Such an agreement, coming on the heels of one with the drug industry, would increase momentum for overhauling the health care system by providing additional funds to finance the effort.

      (Story) Jul 07, 2009

    • Minnesota Clinics Serving Many More Thanks To Stimulus Dollars

      As Minnesota braces for some cuts to public health programs, the state's network of community health centers is being buoyed by money from the federal stimulus that will expand coverage to the un- and underinsured in that state, The Minnesota Post reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 06, 2009

    • For America's Aged, Surgery At Any Price?

      When doctors decide whether or not to go ahead with an expensive surgery, "age is no longer the deciding factor, even for invasive treatment such as open-heart surgery," The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 06, 2009

    • Physician Shortage Could Hinder Health Reform

      The number of new primary care doctors each year has fallen nearly 50 percent since 1997, leaving a shortage that could hinder Congress's ambition to reform health care and cover millions of uninsured Americans.

      (Daily Report) Jul 06, 2009

    • FDA Adds Strong Warnings To Anti-Smoking Drug Labels

      "The Food and Drug Administration announced that it is requiring the smoking-cessation drugs Chantix and Zyban to carry the strongest type of safety warning possible to alert patients that the medications can cause serious mental health problems, including depression and suicide," the Washington Post reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 02, 2009

    • Doctors And Nurses Facing Tough Choices

      Doctors and nurses consider job security and the differences between primary care and specialities when choosing their careers paths.

      (Daily Report) Jul 02, 2009

    • Developing World Health Care Solutions Help Some U.S. Programs

      "When doctors running the AIDS clinic at the University of Alabama at Birmingham wanted to increase the number of patients who showed up for treatment, they turned to an unusual place for help: southern Africa," The Wall Street Journal reports.

      (Daily Report) Jul 02, 2009

    • New Kind of Film Noir: Health Care

      While lawmakers are targeting rising costs and growing numbers of uninsured, a new crop of health care-focused documentaries offer a darker, more conspiratorial view: Powerful vested interests lusting for profits are responsible for the country’s medical malaise.

      (Story) Jul 02, 2009

    • Two Doctors Share Their Expectations For Health Reform

      Two doctors with over 30 years of experience spoke with National Public Radio about how medicine has changed over their careers, and what they expect to see come out of the current health reform debate.

      (Daily Report) Jul 01, 2009