Delivery of Care

    • Doctors Cautiously Signal They'll Work With Obama

      The American Medical Association voted yesterday to support "health reform alternatives that are consistent with AMA principals," although the group fell short of specifically supporting a public plan, the AP reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 18, 2009

    • A Selection Of Recent Studies And Surveys

      Details of research from Mathematica, the Pew Internet/California HealthCare Foundation, and the Urban Institute.

      (Daily Report) Jun 18, 2009

    • Obama Plan To Cut Hospital Payments Draws Ire

      The Obama administration has called for $200 billion in cuts for hospital reimbursements in an effort to overhaul the health care system.

      (Daily Report) Jun 17, 2009

    • Recession And Budget Cuts Hit Children Especially Hard

      As the recession forces more hospitals and doctors to pare costs and services, children are being especially hard hit.

      (Daily Report) Jun 17, 2009

    • A Selection of Editorials And Opinions

      Opponents and proponents of health care reform are using "rationing" as the word to drive opinion against health care reform in the United States, The New York Times reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 17, 2009

    • Bartering For Health Care Rises

      When people in Floyd County, Va., visit Dr. Susan Osborne, they can pay for their medicals exam with vegetables, lessons, carpentry services as well as cash. Bartering is a way of life in the rural area, Dr. Osborne says: "It just gives people another avenue to have health care."

      (Video) Jun 17, 2009

    • Recession Drives More People to Barter For Health Care

      With many people strapped for cash, barter "exchanges" for health care is providing a temporary safety net of sorts for some workers who have lost their jobs and health coverage. And in some cases, people who have inadequate insurance are using barter to get critical services, such as dental and vision benefits.

      (Story) Jun 17, 2009

    • Policy Panel: Long-Term Care Should Be Part Of Health Reform

      Experts argue long-term care should be part of health-care reform, according to Congressional Quarterly.

      (Daily Report) Jun 17, 2009

    • MedPAC Questions Spending But Comes Up Short On Solutions

      The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission said the "government must give doctors and health-care facilities incentives to rein in costs in providing care for the elderly and disabled," the Wall Street Journal reports.

      (Daily Report) Jun 16, 2009

    • New Medicare Rules On Oxygen Suppliers Worry Patients

      Complex new Medicare rules seek to cut payments to suppliers of home-oxygen therapy. Started Jan. 1, the new rules are confusing the more than one million people who rely on the federal insurer to pay for their home-oxygen therapy.

      (Daily Report) Jun 16, 2009