Delivery of Care

    • West Virginia Nears Dental Crisis Over Stagnant Medicaid Payments

      West Virginia's Medicaid patients are nearing a crisis when it comes to access to dental care, West Virginia Public Broadcasting reports. Medicaid's reimbursement rates for dentistry haven't increased since 1991, and West Virginia cut rates in 1994 by 30 percent, causing fewer and fewer dentists to accept payment from the public program for the low-income.

      (Daily Report) Oct 19, 2009

    • A Selection Of Today's Opinions And Editorials

      Opinions and editorials from around the country.

      (Daily Report) Oct 19, 2009

    • Health Providers Make Cuts, Changes And Gambles In Face-Off With Economy

      News reports this weekend highlight several developments as medical providers respond to changing economic forces, and in some cases, clashes of personality.

      (Daily Report) Oct 19, 2009

    • Young Adults Struggle To Find Health Care Coverage

      Nearly one-third of young adults -- those between the ages of 19 to 29 -- have no health insurance.

      (Daily Report) Oct 19, 2009

    • Is 'Model Health System' Geisinger Replicable Elsewhere?

      Central Pennsylvania's Geisinger Health System has been widely hailed as a model for health reform by leading Democrats including President Obama. But its success may hinge on a confluence of circumstances that wouldn't translate to other areas, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

      (Daily Report) Oct 19, 2009

    • Lawmakers to Fight for Rural Hospitals Despite Budget Concerns On Reform

      The finances of Hillsboro Medical Center in North Dakota improved after it got a "critical access" designation. Sens. Conrad, D-N.D., Wyden, D-Ore., Pryor, D-Ark., and Brownback, R-Kan., want to make it easier for other rural hospitals to get the designation as part of health reform.

      (Story) Oct 19, 2009

    • Legislation Only Modestly Addresses Medical Errors

      Health care overhaul legislation largely fails to address the issue of medical errors that were detailed in a 10-year old landmark federal study.

      (Daily Report) Oct 16, 2009

    • Gloomy Health Care Statistics In Texas Top State News

      New outlets report on a variety of health issues at the state level including gloomy health statistics and the rising cost of premiums for sick workers in Texas, a Medicaid program that could provide a model for national health care reform in North Carolina and Medicaid cuts in Michigan.

      (Daily Report) Oct 16, 2009

    • First Edition: October 16, 2009

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including the latest political and policy developments surrounding health overhaul legislation.

      (Daily Report) Oct 16, 2009

    • Generic Drug Makers Back Away From Health Reform Tab

      Makers of generic drugs say it's unfair to make them pay $460M to help fund health care overhaul legislation. They warn consumer prices could rise if Congress approves the 10 years of increased Medicaid discounts included in the bill passed by the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday.

      (Daily Report) Oct 15, 2009