Delivery of Care

    • DC HIV Study: Can Intense Treatment Prevent Spread?

      The NIH-supported study will provide tools to the District of Columbia's health department to improve patient tracking and follow-up.

      (Daily Report) Nov 13, 2009

    • Veterans' Health: Measuring The Scope Of Mental Health Challenges

      NPR highlights the efforts of retired General Eric Shinseki, who heads the Department of Veterans Affairs, to measure the scope of veterans' mental health issues.

      (Daily Report) Nov 13, 2009

    • Suggestions Abound For Cutting National Health Care Costs

      Two publications looked at the problem of rising health costs and ways to try to "bend the cost curve."

      (Daily Report) Nov 13, 2009

    • In Rural Kentucky, An Unexpected Take On The Health Debate

      The people in Southeastern Kentucky have the poorest health in the country. Yet the area is rich with medical facilities. Health reform bills are unlikely to change much: One doctor says: "We have to transform the way we take care of people."

      (Daily Report) Nov 13, 2009

    • First Edition: November 13, 2009

      Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports of the possibility of a Medicare payroll tax in health reform legislation as well as continuing analysis of the overhaul's winners and losers and the CDC's new estimate of the far-reach of the swine flu.

      (Daily Report) Nov 13, 2009

    • Health Care In Hazard: Annie Fox

      Health care has to be looked at in context, according to Annie Fox and Teana Burns of "Harlan Countians for a Healthy Community" in Kentucky.

      (Video) Nov 13, 2009

    • Health Care In Hazard: Cathy Nance

      Six years ago, Cathy Nance had to have open heart surgery. Later, she had kidney cancer. Because of poor health and inability to work, she became homeless, until she was helped by Harlan Countians for a Healthy Community.

      (Video) Nov 13, 2009

    • Health Care In Hazard: Beverly May

      Family nurse practitioner Beverly May, of the Kentucky Mountain Health Alliance, treats many patients with chronic diseases.

      (Video) Nov 13, 2009

    • Health Care In Hazard: Gerry Roll

      Gerry Roll says people don't understand the health problems in southeastern Kentucky: "You can get whatever you need as far as traditional medical care goes. Yet we have the highest levels of chronic disease in the nation. So when I hear people talking about access to health care being a problem, I am livid."

      (Video) Nov 13, 2009

    • KHN Column: 'Don't Overlook The Other Determinants Of Health'

      Gail Wilensky, writing for KHN, notes that as we move to the endgame of what will at best be health care reform 1.0, it is also important to remember that if we want to improve health—presumably health care reform is a means to improving health—we need to focus on more than just health care and reform of the health care system.

      (Daily Report) Nov 12, 2009