Supreme Uncertainty: What's Next After The Court Rules

In this video series, KHN's Mary Agnes Carey and Marilyn Werber Serafini talk to public officials and policy experts about the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the health law and its implications for the future of health care.

N.Y. Insurance Co. Exec: 'Life Will Go On,' Expensively, Without Individual Mandate
If the Supreme Court strikes down the health law, New York would be in a somewhat unique position, according to David Abernethy, a senior vice president of EmblemHealth.

Oregon's DeMars: SCOTUS Decision Won't Change State's Reform Plans
Even if the Supreme Court overturns the law, Chris DeMars, a senior program officer at Oregon’s Northwest Health Foundation, expects the state to move forward with insurance exchanges and coordinated care.

AdvaMed's Nexon: Expect More Health Cost Reduction Pressure
David Nexon, a top health care adviser to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, says that no matter what, pressure to reduce spending will push lawmakers to find ways to control health care costs.

Kaiser Permanente's Ross: There's No Effective Substitute For The Mandate
Murray Ross, a vice president in the part of the company that sells health plans, says the law’s individual mandate is needed to attract healthier participants, which balances risks and costs.

Tom Scully: Even If Health Law Survives Court Challenge, Congress Could Delay Timetable
Thomas Scully, who ran Medicare and Medicaid under President George W. Bush, believes that the 2014 implementation of the health law will have to be delayed, even if the Supreme Court upholds it.

Vladeck: Deaths Will Increase If SCOTUS Strikes Health Law Down
Bruce Vladeck, who ran Medicare and Medicaid under President Clinton, forecasts "chaos" in the health care delivery system if the Supreme Court strikes down the health law.

Wallack On Vermont's Goal: 'Universal, Affordable Coverage'
Anya Rader Wallack, tapped to move Vermont toward a single payer system, is confident the state would enact its own individual mandate if the Supreme Court strikes down the federal mandate.

Medicaid Association Director: Uncertainty, Legislative Politics Have Slowed State Implementation
Andy Allison, Arkansas Medicaid director and president of the National Association of Medicaid Directors, says states won't be able to expand coverage to the uninsured if the Supreme Court strikes down the law.

Mich. Medicaid Director: "A Struggle" To Meet Deadlines If Law Upheld
Michigan Medicaid Director Steve Fitton believes it will be a "struggle" for his state to be ready to implement the health law on schedule if the Supreme Court upholds the measure.

Kingsdale: "People Are Aware That There Are Huge Problems"
Jon Kingsdale, who helped implement the Massachusetts health law, discusses the three strategies being taken by states in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling and the fall election.