The Supreme Court Decides: Health Law At The High Court

With the Supreme Court set to decide on the constitutionality of the health law, Kaiser Health News presents a selection of our material on the decision before the high court.

Chart: Legal Questions And Answers That Will Decide The Health Law's Fate
With Stuart Taylor as a guide, Kaiser Health News provides this diagram to help see how the sweeping health law's implementation could proceed -- or not -- based on each of these questions.

KHN Analysis
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Video: Day Two: Justices Grill Obama Administration On Health Law
Video: Day Three: Vigorous Questions On Severability, Medicaid On Final Day

Webcast: Deconstructing The Supreme Court's Historic Health Law Arguments
Our panel includes KHN Senior Correspondent Mary Agnes Carey, who is joined by Stuart Taylor, attorney, author and KHN legal analyst; Tom Goldstein, Goldstein & Russell, P.C., and publisher of SCOTUSblog; and Julie Rovner, health policy correspondent, NPR.

News from KHN
The Supreme Court, The Individual Mandate, And Eating Your Broccoli

News Summaries
Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge To Health Law
Justice Department, Lawmakers File SCOTUS Health Suit Briefs
NFIB Seeks To Add Two Plaintiffs To The Health Law SCOTUS Case
Supreme Court Justices' Recusal Questions Continue To Grab Headlines

How We Got Here
Scoreboard: Tracking Health Law Court Challenges
Appeals courts have ruled on six challenges to the health law, and three more currently await appeals courts rulings. But the focus has now shifted to the U.S. Supreme Court, which on Nov. 14 announced it would hear the appeal of Florida vs. HHS.

Documents From The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court Accepts The Case
Day One arguments: Audio or Transcript
Day Two arguments: Audio or Partial Transcript
Day Three arguments: Audio (morning -- severability)Partial Transript (morning -- severability) or Audio (afternoon -- Medicaid expansion), Partial Transcript (afternoon -- Medicaid expansion)

Briefs Filed With The Supreme Court
Brief For State Respondents On The Anti-Injuction Act
-- Filed by plaintiffs on Feb. 6
Brief For Petitioners (Anti-Injunction Act)
-- Filed by Justice Department on Feb. 6
Brief For State Respondents On The Minimum Coverage Provision
-- Filed by plaintiffs on Feb. 6
Brief For Respondents (Severability)
-- Filed by Justice Department on Jan. 27
Brief ... Amici Curiae In Support Of Respondents On Severability
-- Filed Jan. 27
Brief Amici Curiae Of State Legislators
-- Filed Jan. 12
Brief Of State Petitioners On Medicaid
-- Filed by plaintiffs on Jan. 10
Brief For Petitioners (Minimum Coverage Provision)
-- Filed by Justice Department on Jan. 6
Brief For State Petitioners On Severability
-- Filed by plaintiffs on Jan. 6