House Vote: Reviews Are In

Nov 09, 2009

Health policy experts hold different views on Saturday's House overhaul vote. Here are their responses.

John Goodman: The Worst Bill Ever
The bill is enormously expensive, but it is full of perverse incentives – an issue already plaguing our health care systems.


Robert Blendon: Keep an Eye on Public Opinion
At the moment, Americans are not convinced that health reform will improve their current health care situation.


Jonathan Cohn Jonathan Cohn: The House Bill Is A Great Start
The House health overhaul bill is a great start. It should just be faster, stronger and--really--bigger.


Doug Holtz-Eakin: The House Bill Could Have Been Avoided
With the right leadership, a bi-partisan merger of the Republican alternative and the coverage expansions in the bill itself could have been augmented with real delivery system reforms.


Laszewski Robert Laszewski: Loading More People Onto the Titanic
Neither fiscal conservatives nor liberals are left with much reason to believe the House-passed bill has much chance of bending any cost curves.


Karen Pollitz: From Now On, We're All In It Together
The House vote signals that we may be ready to listen to our better angels, and include all Americans in our coverage system.


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