Jaclyn Schiff

Previously wrote about global health issues for the Kaiser Family Foundation, and has been published at AllAfrica.com, CBSNews.com, Women's eNews and the Washington Jewish Week. She has a BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University. | Contact: JaclynS@kff.org
  • A Timeline of Kennedy's Health Care Achievements And Disappointments

    Over more than half a century of working on health legislation, Edward Kennedy scored many victories, missed some opportunities and never realized his dream of universal health care.

    Sep 17, 2010

  • New Survey: Consumers Who Buy Their Own Health Insurance Report Big Rate Increase Requests

    When the big California health insurer Wellpoint sought rate increases up to 39 percent this year, some wondered if they were unusual. But in a new national survey consumers who buy their own policies report the most recent rate requests averaged 20 percent.

    Jun 21, 2010

  • Developing Nations: Laboratories For Health Care Innovation

    Without big budgets, developing nations have to be creative and flexible when it comes to health care. As a result, some interesting new technologies and techniques have emerged that Westernized countries have adopted.

    Apr 09, 2010

  • With Ad, Consumers Union Claims New Role In Health Debate

    This week, Consumers Union, the nonprofit organization that publishes Consumer Reports magazine, started airing a 30-second television ad supporting a health care overhaul. KHN's Jaclyn Schiff spoke with Jim Guest, the group’s president and CEO, who says change is needed to ease the burden of rising health care costs.

    Oct 09, 2009

  • Individual Market Explained

    As a part of our "Are You Covered?" series, KHN and NPR examine how a health overhaul would affect the individual insurance market.

    Oct 06, 2009

  • U.S. Doesn't Always Trump Other Countries In Quality Of Health Care

    A study comparing U.S. treatment outcomes and other indicators among 30 developed nations found "no hard evidence" that American system stands out.

    Sep 25, 2009

  • Douglas: State Governors Need 'Time, Flexibility' For Successful Health Reform

    Vermont Governor Jim Douglas commented Thursday on the newly released Senate Finance Committee health reform measure, saying the parts of it that deal with insurance reforms and exchanges "still need work," but that overall the bill is "headed down a path that seems workable."

    Sep 17, 2009

  • Insurance Agents Look Into The Future, See Uncertainty And "Opportunity"

    For the tens of thousands of individual insurance agents nationwide, proposed changes to the health care system could radically alter how they do business. In interviews, two agents talk about how they are bracing themselves for the post-reform environment. One thinks her fellow agents are too complacent, the other says "in every adversity, there is opportunity."

    Aug 05, 2009

  • Checking In With Carol Steckel On Expanding Medicaid

    Even as Congress eyes Medicaid as an option to cover the uninsured, governors are expressing deep concerns about the expense and whether they would end up holding the bag. Alabama Medicaid Commissioner Carol Steckel says it would be "impossible" for states to handle the costs of expanding Medicaid.

    Jul 22, 2009