For Autistic Adults, Coverage Options Are Scarce

Although efforts by the federal and state governments are forcing insurers to cover costly treatments, patients who turn 21 “fall off a cliff.”
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San Francisco Politician: ‘I Take A Pill Called Truvada’
Truvada is a FDA-approved drug that dramatically reduces the risk of HIV infection. SEPT 18

Suit Accuses Calif. of Denying Care to Medi-Cal Applicants SEPT 18

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  • 'I'm Referring You To An Arrrrrthopedist?' By Dan Piraro

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    Transgender Surgery Covered By Insurance

    After being uninsured, Palm Springs resident Devin Payne signed up for a Covered California plan under the health law. In May, the 43-year-old single parent underwent gender reassignment surgery and is looking forward to being reimbursed by her insurance company.

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