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  1. Adding Dental Care Contrasts With Mo. Legislature's Opposition To Medicaid Expansion

    Some of Missouri's working poor have had no dental coverage since benefits were cut in 2005.

    (Story) 3:18PM ET

  2. Census Changes Will Make It Hard To Gauge Health Law's Impact

    The revisions are intended to make the survey more accurate, but specific questions will be so different that the results will not be comparable to previous years.

    (Daily Report) 9:49AM ET

  3. Enrollment Extensions Wind Down But Health Law Politics Getting Complicated

    People wanting coverage on the federal and some state websites needed to sign up by Tuesday, and federal officials say they won't again extend the deadline. In addition, news outlets examine why it will take time to determine whether the overhaul is a success and how Republicans are treading carefully as they call for overturning a law that has provided benefits to millions of Americans.

    (Daily Report) 9:48AM ET

  4. Vulnerable Democrats Fight Health Law Stigma

    In tight races around the nation, Democrats are hoping that stories about the health law's rocky rollout are behind them, while Republicans try to make the races a referendum on the law.

    (Daily Report) 9:24AM ET

  5. A Heavy Lift? Legal Challenge To Medicare's 'Two Midnight' Rule

    Modern Healthcare reports that some legal experts say it will be tough to convince judges to overturn the controversial rule on classifying Medicare in-patients.

    (Daily Report) 9:18AM ET

  6. Political Cartoon: 'Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?'

    Take a look at KHN's lighter side, featuring today's cartoon and health policy haiku.

    (Daily Report) 9:17AM ET

  7. Uninsured Rate Drops More In States That Expanded Medicaid, Run Own Exchanges

    News outlets also provide updates on Medicaid expansion efforts and debates in Colorado, Virginia, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina and Indiana.

    (Daily Report) 9:14AM ET

  8. Scientists Trying To Merge Millions Of Patient Medical Records

    The attempt includes collecting and connecting terabytes of patient medical records from every patient recently treated at one of New York's major hospital centers. Meanwhile in Kansas, a council discusses ways to regulate so-called "secondary use" of patient health data.

    (Daily Report) 9:13AM ET

  9. Veracity Of Abortion Political Ads Case Going To High Court

    Ohio banned false statements from political campaigns. The lawsuit is from an anti-abortion group.

    (Daily Report) 9:12AM ET

  10. Exchange Fixes, Questions In Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts

    Cover Oregon severed a contract with technology consultant Deloitte as it moves into a new era of fiscal austerity, while the Maryland exchange continues to enroll consumers in coverage. The problems with Massachusetts' exchange are not expected to impact that state's current budget.

    (Daily Report) 9:12AM ET

  11. State Highlights: Mass. Can't Ban Painkiller, Judge Rules; Kan. And Health Care Compact Bill

    A selection of health policy stories from Massachusetts, Kansas, Florida, Michigan, Connecticut, Maryland, Arizona, Hawaii, Missouri and Georgia.

    (Daily Report) 9:12AM ET

  12. With End-Of-Enrollment Surge Behind Them, Insurers See Health Law Positives

    With End-Of-Enrollment Surge Behind Them, Insurers Have More Positive Health Law View Politico reports that many insurers are contemplating expanding -- or initiating -- their involvement in the overhaul's online insurance marktplaces. Meanwhile, other news outlets examine how this year's tax day, April 15, is just one part of the intersection between the health law and the Internal Revenue Service.

    (Daily Report) 9:11AM ET

  13. Arizona Takes Another Abortion Restriction Step

    Now the state has the authority to "surprise" inspect clinics without a warrant.

    (Daily Report) 9:10AM ET

  14. Viewpoints: Cooking The Census Books; Immigrants Left Off Health Law; Abortion Still A 'Tripwire'

    A selection of editorials and opinions on health care from around the country.

    (Daily Report) 9:10AM ET

  15. Capsules: Health Law Push Brings Thousands Into Colo. Medicaid Who Were Already Eligible

    Check out what's new on KHN's blog, Capsules.

    (Daily Report) 9:07AM ET

  16. FAQ On ACOs: Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

    Accountable care organizations are practically a footnote in the health law, but advocates say they’ll be critical to holding down the cost of care while improving quality.

    (Daily Report) 9:07AM ET

  17. States Battle Asthma as Numbers Grow

    With a climate especially bad for asthmatics, Missouri has been a pioneer in fighting the disease.

    (Story) 8:29AM ET

  18. First Edition: April 16, 2014

    Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including a report detailing how changes in the Census Bureau's annual survey could mask the health law's impact.

    (Daily Report) 7:18AM ET

  19. FAQ On ACOs: Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

    Accountable care organizations are practically a footnote in the health law, but advocates say they’ll be critical to holding down the cost of care while improving quality.

    (Story) 6:48AM ET

  20. CBO Shrinks Estimate Of Health Law Spending Based On Lower Subsidy Costs

    Expanded insurance coverage under the health law will also show slower premium growth, helping lower the total cost of the law, the nonpartisan office said.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  21. Burwell Steps Into Hot Seat

    Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the president's nominee to head the Health and Human Services Department, may have some goodwill, but she will still have to navigate plenty of challenges -- starting with her confirmation hearing.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  22. Wal-Mart Exec Who Led Health Care Expansion Steps Down

    News emerged Monday in an internal staff memo that John Agwunobi would leave his post running the retailer's health and wellness division.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  23. Disparity In Medicare Provider Payments In Oregon, Data Show

    Information gleaned from the federal government's Medicare data dump shows that Oregon providers and provider groups were paid $508 million in 2012. However, some providers made more than others. Meanwhile the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that arising from the data, Wisconsin Congressional members want physicians rated on quality of care.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  24. U.S. Health Care Spending, Usage Rise

    Americans' spending on medicines in 2013 rose 3.2 percent to nearly $330 billion, fueling speculation that a dip in overall health care spending may be over.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  25. Fallout Continues Around Medicare Advantage Payment Rates

    The Obama administration's decision to reverse a proposed Medicare Advantage payment cut has been panned by insurance analysts and governors, among others.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  26. Some Push To Sync Obamacare Deadline With Tax Day

    This year's intersection of the deadlines to sign up for health insurance, as well as to file taxes, elevated the role of many tax preparers who have been educating uninsured clients about the health law. Some tax preparers contend the two deadlines should be permanently connected.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  27. Survey: Signing Up For Obamacare No Walk In The Park

    California enrollees said they had trouble getting through to call centers, calculating their income and gathering the required documentation, among other difficulties, according to a survey by the California HealthCare Foundation. Meanwhile, media outlets note that Tuesday is the last chance to sign up in California, while April 22 is the deadline in Minnesota.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  28. State Highlights: N.Y.'s Medicaid Waiver; Conn. Medicaid Application Delays Settlement

    A selection of health policy stories from New York, Connecticut, Washington state, Kansas, Florida, West Virginia and California.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  29. Viewpoints: Obamacare Dilemma -- Some People Dislike The Law But Embrace Its Provisions; Are Health Costs Falling?

    A selection of editorials and opinions on health care from around the country.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15

  30. Capsules: Survey: Health Insurance Enrollment In California More Complex Than Anticipated

    Check out what's new on KHN's blog, Capsules.

    (Daily Report) Apr 15