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  1. Hospitals’ Struggles To Beat Back Familiar Infections Began Before Ebola Arrived

    Each year about 75,000 patients die from infections they caught in the hospital. A KHN analysis of federal data shows that nearly 700 hospitals have higher than expected rates of infection for at least one condition.

    (Story) 4:13PM ET

  2. High Infection Rates Vary By State

    This chart shows what proportion of hospitals in each state had higher than average infection rates for at least one type of infection publicly reported by the CDC.

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  3. Kasich Retreats From Politically Charged Health Law Comments

    After telling the Associated Press that he didn't think a repeal of the health law was going to happen, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, took aggressive steps to attempt to correct the record. His statement, he said, was meant only about attempts to repeal the Medicaid expansion, which Ohio has implemented.

    (Daily Report) 10:01AM ET

  4. ACA Knowledge Gap Greatest Among Uninsured

    Most of the uninsured know little about the online insurance marketplaces, or that financial help is available for those with low incomes, finds a poll. Meanwhile, a West Virginia Medicaid official says new enrollees "come in with baggage," such as a history of using free drug samples that aren't covered by the program and The Washington Post looks at continuing legal challenges to the law.

    (Daily Report) 10:00AM ET

  5. Few California Inmates With Hepatitis C Get Costly Sovaldi

    The drug is being given to fewer than 1 percent of the 17,000 inmates with the virus in California prisons, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Meanwhile, a Senate Democrat plans a hearing on how VA hospitals are coping with its high cost.

    (Daily Report) 9:27AM ET

  6. Just In Time For Open Enrollment, A New Physician Rating Site

    USA Today reports that the website uses about 500 million federal and private claims and patient reviews to rank doctors. Meanwhile, the failure of the $30 billion federal program to create interoperable electronic health record systems is examined by Politico.

    (Daily Report) 9:27AM ET

  7. Medicare, Health Care Getting Attention In Senate, Congressional Races

    In Louisiana's Senate race, Medicare is grabbing the spotlight. The powerful issue is also popping up in North Carolina and Iowa. Meanwhile, Michigan's Senate race references to Medicare and the health law are checked for accuracy. And Obamacare is the subject of ads in an increasingly high-profile California House contest.

    (Daily Report) 9:26AM ET

  8. Medicaid Expansion, Health Exchanges Dominate Gubernatorial Debates

    In Georgia, where a runoff is considered likely, Gov. Nathan Deal went on the offensive and criticized a third-party candidate's support for expanding Medicaid. In Maryland, Republican candidate Larry Hogan slammed Democratic Lt. Governor Anthony Brown for his role in the state's troubled health exchange launch.

    (Daily Report) 9:26AM ET

  9. State Highlights: Calif. Ballot Measure Updates; Va. Prison Health Care Budget Shortfall

    A selection of health policy stories from California, Arizona, Maine, South Dakota, Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Washington state and Missouri.

    (Daily Report) 9:21AM ET

  10. Viewpoints: Health Care Opponent's Legal Strategy; The Challenge For This Open Enrollment

    A selection of opinions on health care from around the country.

    (Daily Report) 9:20AM ET

  11. Views On Ebola: America Needs To 'Calm Down'; Political Criticism Is Off Base

    News outlets offer a variety of perspectives on the response to Ebola.

    (Daily Report) 9:20AM ET

  12. Hill Republicans Refine Their Strategy On Foreign Travelers As CDC Tightens Ebola Guidelines

    The GOP is now pressing to suspend visas for some travelers since the administration has so far rejected calls for a flight ban. Also Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention beefed-up its guidelines to protect health care workers.

    (Daily Report) 9:20AM ET

  13. Capsules: Uninsured Still Know Little About Health Law As 2nd Enrollment Period Draws Near

    Check out what's new on KHN's blog, Capsules.

    (Daily Report) 9:19AM ET

  14. Political Cartoon: 'Line In The Sand?'

    take a look at KHN's lighter side, featuring today's cartoon and health policy haiku.

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  15. More Plans Setting Spending Limits For Some Medical Services

    Insurers cap how much they will pay for certain routine procedures, such as knee replacements and lab tests, and if patients opt for an in-network facility that charges more, they must pick up the extra cost.

    (Daily Report) 9:18AM ET

  16. First Edition: October 21, 2014

    Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations, including reports about health law positions taken by Republican governors -- including Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

    (Daily Report) 7:19AM ET

  17. More Plans Setting Spending Limits For Some Medical Services

    Insurers cap how much they will pay for certain routine procedures, such as knee replacements and lab tests, and if patients opt for an in-network facility that charges more, they must pick up the extra cost.

    (Story) 6:03AM ET

  18. Missouri Sees Urban, Rural Divide In Obamacare Signups

    ‘A lot of mistrust’ of the health law hampers enrollment in rural areas.

    (Story) Oct 20

  19. North Carolinian Credits Early Cancer Diagnosis To New Health Coverage

    Divorced mother of two says her Obamacare plan helped save her life.

    (Story) Oct 20

  20. Pentagon Plans 30-Person Team To Tackle Ebola In U.S.

    The Department of Defense announced Sunday that it would create a medical team to assist U.S. doctors responding to new Ebola cases, while the government issued more stringent guidelines for protective garb for health care workers treating Ebola patients. In addition, The Wall Street Journal profiles a biologist who has been working since 1997 on an Ebola vaccine that has been proven to block the disease in monkeys.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  21. Obama's 'Ebola Czar' Pick Has Washington Know-How, Knows Less About Medicine

    The White House announced Friday that Ron Klain, a veteran Washington adviser and Democratic strategist, will coordinate multi-agency strategy.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  22. State Highlights: Mental Health Issues Put 34K On N.Y. No-Guns List

    A selection of health policy stories from New York, Ohio, California, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina and Maryland.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  23. Ebola Worries Renew Push For Surgeon General Pick

    More than two dozen House Democrats have called on the Senate to confirm Dr. Vivek Murthy, the Obama administration's pick for U.S. Surgeon General, so he could help lead the nation's Ebola response. But Senate support remains shaky because of Murthy's outspoken views on gun violence, which have drawn the wrath of the National Rifle Association.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  24. Administration's Handling Of Ebola Casts Shadow On Dems' Election Hopes

    A Politico poll underscores that Ebola is causing real political danger for some Democrats. It's playing big, for instance, in North Carolina's Senate race.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  25. Lilly CEO Explains Drug Maker's 'Toughest Year'

    In other drug industry news, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services makes improvements in the new doctor payment website.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  26. Long-Term Care Costs Weigh Heavily On Middle-Class Families

    CBS News reports that for many seniors and their families, home care needs create a serious financial bind.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  27. How The Health Law's Second Enrollment Season Could Impact Key Senate Races

    Politico reports that two closely watched Senate contests -- those of Georgia and Louisiana -- could be decided by runoff elections that would take place in December. glitches could color voters' choices. News outlets also report on how Obamacare could play a role in election outcomes in states such as Colorado and Minnesota.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  28. Utah Supporters Of Medicaid Expansion Hold Rally

    About 100 people rallied in Salt Lake City to urge state lawmakers to pass Gov. Gary Herbert's Medicaid expansion plan. Meanwhile, health insurance rates in Wisconsin keep pace or decline, Maryland delays efforts to recover the cost of its failed exchange, and a co-op pulls out of Iowa's Medicaid marketplace.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  29. Renewal Wrinkles, High Deductibles And Decisions For Employers: Implementation Issues Grab Headlines

    News outlets report on a range of health law implementation issues that are causing challenges for consumers, employers and Obamacare advocates.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20

  30. Views On Ebola: Blame Misplaced; Conspiracy Theories Abound; 'Nasty' Politicization

    News outlets around the country weigh in with opinions about the efforts to control Ebola in the United States.

    (Daily Report) Oct 20