Nomination Signals New Approach To Drug Abuse Policy

The nomination of Michael Botticelli to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy symbolizes the shift toward dealing with drug use as a public health rather than as a criminal justice issue, writes The Washington Post. Reuters looks at how opioid abuse fears keep cancer patients from getting pain relief.

The Washington Post: The White House Is Spending Billions To Combat Drugs But Drug Use Keeps Rising
The White House officially nominated Michael Botticelli on Thursday to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the office charged with overseeing and administering federal drug policy. The White House has been moving toward dealing with drug use as a public health issue, rather than a criminal justice one. The nomination of Botticelli, himself a recovering alcoholic, might be the most significant concrete sign of that shift to date (Ingraham, 8/29).

Reuters: Fears Of Addiction Keep Cancer Patients From Getting Pain Relief
Fears of opioid abuse and addiction might be keeping patients with advanced cancer from getting enough pain medicine, researchers say. “At the end of life, we should feel comfortable providing whatever necessary to control pain,” said Joel Hyatt, assistant regional director at Kaiser Permanente (Belisomo, 8/29).

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