House GOP Launches Effort Today To Sue Obama On Health Law

Despite many confrontations with the White House, Republicans have decided the best strategy is to focus this legal challenge on actions President Barack Obama has taken on the health law.

Politico: Behind The GOP Focus On Obamacare
There is no shortage of actions that House Republicans see as illegal overreach by President Barack Obama. ... But instead of a multipronged legal assault against the Obama White House in the middle of an election year, Speaker John Boehner is training his fire on the issue that has most animated the GOP since it took control of the House in 2011: Obamacare. Republicans are betting they can translate their success in making the law politically potent into a legal victory (Sherman and French, 7/15).

Politico: 5 Questions About John Boehner's Lawsuit Against Barack Obama
The GOP-led House is set to take its first big step Wednesday toward launching a high-profile lawsuit charging President Barack Obama with failing to carry out his constitutional duty to enforce the law. ... The House Rules Committee will debate the merits of the potential lawsuit at a hearing Wednesday morning. ... Here is POLITICO’s look at the legal questions surrounding the lawsuit (Gerstein, 7/15).

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