Democrats Campaign Against High Court After Hobby Lobby Ruling

Borrowing a tactic from the GOP, Democrats use the Supreme Court ruling to energize their voters and raise money, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Los Angeles Times: Democrats Pick Up GOP Tactic: Campaign Against Supreme Court
Half a century ago, Richard M. Nixon and other Republicans boosted their political prospects by running against the Supreme Court. Now it’s President Obama’s turn. Within hours of the high court’s decision Monday that at least some companies can use religious rights to exempt themselves from paying for health insurance covering contraceptives, Democrats were seeking to energize voters, raise money and attract support by highlighting the case (Lauter, 7/1).

The Wall Street Journal: Setbacks Cast Cloud Over Obama's Second Term
The demise of immigration legislation for the year and a Supreme Court decision creating a religious exception to the health-care law are the latest setbacks casting clouds over President Barack Obama's agenda (McCain Nelson and Lee, 7/1).

McClatchy: Democrats Quick To Rip GOP On Birth Control Issues
Democrats are wasting no time trying to gain an edge from Monday’s Supreme Court ruling in a key birth control case. The 5-4 ruling exempts closely-held for-profit firms from providing government-mandated birth control services if they conflict with the owners’ religious beliefs. Democrats Tuesday were quick to pounce (Lightman, 7/1).

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