Capsules: Detailed Report Delivers Good News On Health Costs, But Will It Last?; How Much Does A New Hip Cost? Even The Surgeon Doesn't Know

Now on Kaiser Health News' blog, Jay Hancock reports on the latest health cost figures: "Definitive 2012 numbers show continued, historically low increases in medical prices and the use of medical services. Health spending rose 3.7 percent, up slightly from 2011 but far below the 8 percent increases of the early 2000s, according to figures released Monday by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services” (Hancock, 1/6). 

Also on the blog, Jenny Gold reports on a new survey that examines what orthopedic surgeons know and don’t know about how they contribute to health spending: "They were only able to correctly estimate the cost of a device 21 percent of the time, according to a survey of 503 physicians at seven major academic medical centers published this week in Health Affairs. Their guesses ranged from 1.8 percent of the actual price to 24.6 times the actual price. Researchers could not release the actual costs, because they signed nondisclosure agreements with the hospitals" (Gold, 1/6). Check out what else is new on the blog.

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