Administration Looking For New Companies To Run Health Marketplace

Federal officials lay out specifications for companies who will take over the website as they seek to make sure the sign-up effort does not run into repeat problems during next fall's enrollment season.

The New York Times: Administration Begins Search For New Contractors To Run Health Care Site
The Obama administration has begun a wide-ranging search for companies to run the online federal health insurance exchange, seeking new talent to prevent a repeat of problems that immobilized the website last fall. In laying out specifications for the project, the administration also provided insight into the next phase of development of the insurance marketplace, which is expected to handle a significant increase in enrollment over the next several years (Pear, 4/29).

At the same time, hospitals are asking the government for more information -

The Hill:  Hospitals Push HHS On O-Care Subsidies Via Charity
The American Hospital Association (AHA) is asking the Obama administration to clearly state its support for charities subsidizing medical expenses for low-income people on ObamaCare's exchanges. In a letter Monday, the AHA and the Catholic Health Association (CHA) urged the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to confirm that they do not discourage the subsidies by hospital-based foundations and other charitable groups (Viebeck, 4/28).

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