White House Admits 'Worrying About The Wrong Thing'

Top officials say they focused too much on whether enough insurance companies would participate and not enough on the smooth rollout of the exchange website, The New York Times reports. 

The New York Times: Health Goal Met, White House Reviews Missteps
In an hour-long interview they requested, the officials said one of their biggest mistakes in the disastrous health care rollout last fall was worrying about the wrong thing. They said they focused too much on their ultimately unfounded fear that not enough insurance companies would participate in the health marketplaces and that premium prices would be too high. In turn, they said, they ignored what became the real problem, a website that was virtually inaccessible in its opening days (Shear, 4/9).

Meanwhile, Kaiser Health News looks at how the health law is affecting access to substance abuse treatment -

Kaiser Health News: Barriers Remain Despite Health Law's Push To Expand Access To Substance Abuse Treatment
The nation’s health law has promised sweeping changes to help millions of people with drug or alcohol addiction get treatment. Many unable to afford services in the past now can receive them without first landing in jail or an emergency room, health officials say (Gorman, 4/10).

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