GOP's United Front On Obamacare Softens

The GOP's once rock-solid stance on Obamacare has softened as some Republicans look to move on from waging all-out war on the three-year-old law. Tea Party activists, however, are urging conservative lawmakers to try to stop it. In the meantime, lawmakers from both sides look more united than ever in trying to reform how Medicare pays doctors.

NBC News 'Obamacare' Turns From GOP Uniter To Internal Divider 
Opposition to Obamacare has united the GOP for the past four years, but now it's threatening to become a central fault line in the party's simmering civil war. While still unified on philosophical grounds against President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform law, Republicans are no longer using "Obamacare" to pummel Democrats so much as each other. The divide exists between Republicans engaged in a crusade to repeal the law at all costs and those resigned to accept a government program three years into its implementation (O’Brien, 09/04).

Richmond Times Dispatch Tea Party Activists Urge Cantor To Halt Affordable Care Act
Roughly 100 tea party activists turned out Wednesday on the edge of an Innsbrook parking lot outside House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's district office to urge him to use his congressional clout to stop implementation of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (Nolan, 09/05). 

Kaiser Health News: Health On The Hill: 'It's A Fire Sale On The SGR'
Kaiser Health News' Mary Agnes Carey and CQ Roll Call's Emily Ethridge discuss current dynamics surrounding the Medicare physician payment. With the Congressional Budget Office projecting a reduced cost for a long-term "doc fix," Congress may seize the opportunity to end the annual adjustments to Medicare reimbursement rates (9/4).

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