Health Care Innovations In Technology Spotlight

A Silicon Valley conference offers insights regarding what's working and what is coming next for health care innovation. Meanwhile, some startup companies are aiming technology advances at medication adherence.

The Washington Post: Health-Care Training And Data Storage Innovations Featured At Silicon Valley Conference
This year's HealthBeat conference continues through Tuesday in San Francisco, with health technology innovators gathering to offer their take on what's challenging, what's working and what's next in innovation for the health care industry (Kolawole, 5/20).

The Wall Street Journal: Forget To Take Medicine? These Pills Will Tell Your Doctor
Startup companies are coming up with new technologies aimed at getting people to take medicine only as directed. Taking medication haphazardly—skipping doses, lapsing between refills or taking pills beyond their expiration date—has been linked to health complications and hundreds of millions of wasted dollars for insurers and hospitals (Hay, 5/20).

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