Capsules: GOP Fears About IRS’ Access To Medical Records Disputed; Audio: 42 Percent Of Americans Unaware Health Law Exists (Audio)

Now on Kaiser Health News' blog, Mary Agnes Carey reports on the IRS and access to medical records: "Listening to recent statements from some congressional Republicans, you might think that the 2010 health law allows the Internal Revenue Service to have access to your medical records. Not so, says the Department of Health and Human Services. 'The Affordable Care Act maintains strict privacy controls to safeguard personal information. The IRS will not have access to personal health information,' said agency spokeswoman Erin Shields Britt" (Carey, 5/20).

Also on the blog, Carey joined NPR's "Tell Me More" Friday afternoon to discuss the state of the health law and other health policy issues – including a new poll saying 42 percent of Americans don't know that the Affordable Care Act actually still stands (5/17). Listen to the conversation or check out what else is on the blog.

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