Capsules: 2 Studies Assert Lower Spending Growth Is Due To Structural Health Changes; Boston Children's Hospital Creates 'Living' Practice Guidelines

Now on Kaiser Health News' blog, Jordan Rau writes about the findings of two studies regarding the nation's lower spending growth: "Two new studies assert that the country's unusual slowdown in health spending growth rates may be due more to structural changes in the health care system than to the lagging economy, and thus could continue even after business picks up" (Rau, 5/7).

Also on Capsules, Julie Appleby reports on Boston Children's Hospital's practice guidelines: "Now, though, Boston Children's Hospital says it has found a way to create guidelines that have reduced costs and variation in care while improving patient outcomes – all without angering doctors. Called SCAMPS, the program aims to standardize care for a variety of medical conditions – all while allowing its guidelines to evolve as new information is collected and analyzed, according to a paper published Monday in the journal Health Affairs" (Appleby, 5/6). Check out what else is on the blog.

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