Retirement Of Baby Boomers To Spur Surge In Health Sector

As baby boomers retire, employment opportunities in the health care sector could be substantial. Meanwhile, doctors disagree over whether gynecologists should be able to treat men.

USA Today: Health Care Workers Will Lead U.S. Job Gains To 2022
The retirement of aging Baby Boomers will reshape the job market over the next decade, leading to the smallest portion of Americans employed or looking for work since the mid-1970s, barely six in 10, a new Labor Department forecast predicts. The result: slower economic growth but new employment opportunities in health care, where millions of new jobs are likely to be created (Davidson, 12/23).

The New York Times: Gynecology's Gender Question 
Should gynecologists be allowed to treat men? A medical specialty board stirred up a hornet’s nest in September when it said no and warned gynecologists that if they accepted male patients, they could lose their certification -- something doctors need in order to work. Protests erupted from patients and doctors who said the policy, set by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, interfered with medical care and research. Since then, the board, based in Dallas, has backed off twice (Grady, 12/23). 

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